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A sudden awareness of the phenomenon

I am/wasn't a huge fan of Michael Jackson. I mean the kind of devoted fan who screams when seeing him or reading everything about him etc... But i like his music a lot and i think he's a genius in performing. The news of his death shocked me and i was suprised that i even shed some tears. Because of his tragic life ánd i realized that his music coloured my younger days. It did although i preferred other music styles. His music touched me somehow. I remember the first time i saw the thriller video; it was so exciting and new. And i even more remember the clip of beat it. Such a yummie clip i thought because of the bad guys in it and they were dancing so sexy. Michael Jackon as radiant centre. He was happy when performing but i always thought his eyes looks so sad on photographs.

Today he's still inspiring musicians and dancers. And the kids of today also know his music. My eldest son, he's 13 now, finds Michael Jackson always a bit scary because of his looks. He wasn't very interested in Michael Jackson. But today there were many Michael Jackson clips on television. We were watching it together. "Oh mum, he really is very cool, isn't he?" "Yes sweety, he is." And i noticed my sons sudden awareness of the phenomenon Michael Jackson. Ofcourse he isn't aware of the scandals around Michael Jackson for the last years and i don't want to disturb him with it. He watched more videos for almost an hour. And i was wondering how it could be that the man who touched so many hearts all over the world died as a very lonely human being.

My son was very impressed by the earthsong video. And i agree with him, it's a beautiful song and a great video. Ofcourse at the end of his life he was a very eccentric man, but hey first stone, holier than the pope etc.... Michael Jackson left the world some wonderful music and i thank him for that.


Engel said...

Oh i haven't seen your posts, I apologize.

The "Earth Song" is beautiful and has a powerful meaning... Thanks for posting it :-)

Now i shall look around your blog a bit more *hug*

merci33 said...

Momo Luna
Thank you for visiting my blog and for your kind comments.
I am stunned by the power of your creative voice and honored to meet you here in the blogosphere.

The MJ earth song feels like an arrow in the heart...he felt for all living beings...a Buddha nature.