The mysterious world of MONICA CROESE


Outsider art

The human psyche interests me a lot. Especially the experiences of people who have different ideas than the average common line of thought. When i was at highschool we, the students, visited a mental hospital. To take our bearings. Maybe some of us wanted to work in such a hospital. A charming man showed us around, telling lots of stories. With enthusiasm. An attendant we thought. So we were very surprised as he told us that he's a patient. He was a teacher but ended here 'cause sometimes he thinks he's Jesus or at other times another holy martyr. He told this with lots of humour. He commanded me respect.
When i was at artschool i became acquainted with the so called 'Outsider art'. And i became enthusiast. I am very intruiged by the art of Adolf Wölfi.

I my art i often make use of arhetypes from the unconscious mind of mankind: fear, hope, madness, love, lust. The human figures i draw/paint symbolize emotions. Most of the time they're naked and sometimes bald too. i find clothing at most times inconvenient in a picture. At least in my drawings, paintings. I don't know why.

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