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Some old stuff

First i wanna welcome all new followers. Thank you, nice seeing you here.
It was a very busy, hectic week, my birthday ( i had a great weekend, tnx all who wanted to know) the birthday of my love, very busy at work, ending the week with a heavy migraine. But today it's less worse and the sun is shining all weekend, time to relax. I'm also busy with a large painting, almost finished, i hope this weekend. So no new work to upload, but i post some old stuff. Not that great, but fun to show i think.

This one is a collage i made for the group MIST (meaning fog) Two friends of me and i having a good time. I was singing and playing toy instruments. The girl on the left did drums and backing vocals, the girl on the right was playing the guitar and singing as well. We had a growing group of fans. Too bad we had to stop for several reasons. Sometimes i miss it a lot.

In my early twenties i was very active in the punk and squat scene. This is a quick sketch of what i saw those days. It's not so good, but now i am charmed of the naive style of this. :-)

At that time i was very idealistic and a bit naive. I made collages like this, to make some statement and hung it everywhere in the city. I did this with my love and a good friend of mine. I've lost her out of sight and wonder where she is right now and what she's doing?

I really don't know what i was thinking when painting this one. ;-)
I wish you all a great weekend!

Dream some melancholic dreams.


Rachel said...

Liebe gute Monica,

du bist sehr vielseitig und kreativ, eine wahre Künstlerin mit Herz...

Ich wünsche dir ein schönes Pfingsten, ein glückliches

herzlichst, Rachel

Crissant said...

Wonderful, as always!
Have a great weekend!

Inkpunk Artworks said...


Punk and squat scene...that makes me smile!!! It's always good to see your older work! I hope you are feeling better!


Harry Kent said...

happy birthday, Momo ... loooove your mist collage (one on the right looks a bit like Cher) ... figure lying down at bottom looks like a painting of your migraine ... glad youre feeling better ... keep painting

Martine said...

Nieuw of oud, ik vind je werk altijd interessant om naar te kijken.
En een mooi zonnig weekend voor jou ook.

Nevine said...

Momo, first off, Happy Belated Birthday! May you live a long and productive life!!! And I love that first piece... Mist. It's ethereal and just mesmerizing in its beauty. The faces are filled with an incredible amount of expression. As for your other pieces, they are very good, as well. I just had a preference for number 1. And your wish for melancholic dreams... oh, I have those often... more often recently, too. I don't know why. But the content makes for writing material, in my case. So that is a good thing, I suppose.

Have a glorious weekend!


Denise Scaramai said...

oh, so cool to know a little of his career! I loved all the work! punk scenes are great!

Poetic Artist said...

The Mist is a great piece. The last one made me laugh. Not that it is bad because of what you said.
I wonder what you were thinking.
Hope you are feeling better and Happy Bday belated.

Jasmine said...

This is amazing work Monica. I really like the one with the gas mask. Maybe it reminds me of running round Prague during the WB?IMF demonstrations trying to conceal gas masks from the autorities.... Have a wonderful week end xx

ALeks said...

Nice to hear this,I live in a squat or what it was when we came in!! New "brave"world is running it now,has nothing to do with ideals and love from those days,all good must end sometimes,I assume! We are legal now but it is not my home any-more as I do not feel welcome! As most of them now these day tell me,shit does happened! Wonderful work my dear,I love it! Hugs and greetings from me! :O)

yvette said...

alles is echt momo luna en altijd gaaf!
Ik herken zo veel uit de punk tijd..je gedachten die door de kunstwerken heenstralen..heel bekend.
Alsnog van harte met jullie jarig zijn en let op je koppie hè!
tot later na de zomer of als het slecht weer is!


Melinda Matyas said...

I totally agree, those works are quite charming!!!
I like very much your collage ... it's rebellious atmosphere...

Caio Fernandes one more Lord's lamb said...

wow !! i have missed lots of posts of you , i just came to interent today !!
did i miss your birthday as well ?
sorry my dear Monica .
congratulatios . i wish we could share a cake ;)

okay , punk girl , in the 80 i was in a punk gang fighting with skinheads and having the rightside of my face deformed for ever . horrible times . hahah!1 i am glad it is over .

the 3 paintings of the band is so cool .
don't you have any cassed tape with a demo of the sound ?

kisses , and more lots of kisses .

Lozzano said...

I like very much 'MIST'. The heads seem to be carved or embedded on the stone. It attracts strongly the attention from the viewer!
A huge hug for you.

Momo Luna said...

I thank you Rachel and Crissant for such wonderful and sweet words. :-)

Hi Brian i was feeling better, tnx. And i'll always stay a punkrocker at heart i suppose.

A belated thank you so much Harry.
I think my friend would think it's fun you thinking she looks a bit lke Cher, lol. Hmmm perhaps you're right about the man lying down and the migraine. I don't know if i had migraine already at that time.
And yes, i keep painting and drawing for that is what i love so much.

Dank je Martine. :-D

Thank you lovely Nevine for your comment. I have lots of melancholic feelings and dreams lately. But that has to do with aging, i'm sure. Other melancholy then when i was younger. It lingers more. It amazes me a bit. You writing such wonderful, intense landscapes is more than a good thing, i agree. I love your work!

Tnx Denise, still a punker by heart i am. ;-)

Hello Katelen,
making people laugh is what i like. And yes i'm wondering also about my thoughts at that time. I'm feeling better, thank you.
Sweet greetz for you!

Thank you Jasmine. I have to google which Prague demonstrations you're talking about.
I love Prague a lot! I was there once (13 years ago or so) and it made a grande impression on me. Wanna visit it again soon.
Congrats with your new home!

Momo Luna said...

Dear ALeks,
new times, new ideals i suppose. Yeah, too bad all good things must end some day. But an end also means a new beginning.
I'm so sorry to read you don't feel welcome in your own home. :-(
Big hug and xxx for you!

Tot later lieve Yvette an geniet van het zonnetje en het mooie weer, net zoals ik doe.

Thank you Melinda. And yes i was a rebel at that time, but i still am, a bit more quiet perhaps, but i still am. :-D

Hi dear Caio,
maybe one day we can share a cake, who knows. ;-)
Yes that must be horrible fighting etc. Overhere we also had trouble with skinheads but also with a special unit of the police here in Arnhem. These men weren't police but working for the police. Very aggressive men, who were challenging and intimidating during demonstrations. They also did fight. :-s Yeah i am also glad those days are over.
I will ask my love how i can upload some of the music in my computer, so i can post it. Be patient, i'm working on it.
Tnx for the many kisses! ;-) Lots of xxx back for you.

Thank you Lozzano,
we placed our faces on a copymachine. Then i drawed over the copy. The structure around the heads are copies too, that i cutted in pieces, edited it an glue back on the paper. :-D
Hug for you!