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Hi there dear blogfriends. Im back on the www and that makes me happy. I missed you all a lot for sure and i soon will pay your blogs a visit. New paintings and drawings i wanna share with you and i am so very curious how you all are doing. I will pop up on your blogs leaving a comment pretty soon. 

This is what i wrote some hours ago. The comment of dear Caio, i just read, made me blush. Am i too distant? But i am not a writer or storyteller. I dont wanna bother you with too much blabla. And yes, i do have a lot to tell, but i find it difficult to write it down in a blog, mostly. And i have some periods that im as closed as an oyster.  But i can tell you ofcourse that i love my new home, it feels good and safe. A house with lots of light. Less room then we used to have but thats good for cleaning up. Getting rid of stuff we really dont need. And i dont miss it so i didnt need it for sure.  But our new home isnt as complete as it was. Our darling red cat Willie Wortel alias Willie Wartaal is missing. For almost three weeks now.  Ofcourse we searched the neighborhood, leaving flyers anywhere. But im still hopefull he will come home soon. I keep my fingers crossed.   

I also can tell you that i feel pessimistic about our world. As if we, the people, are getting more and more angry, intolerant, hateful.That we are destroying our world, myself included and that most people dont seem to care. That all what\s happening in the world is puzzling me, bothering my mind. That i find selfishness, indifference even in my near surroundings.That i dont wanna be fearful and afraid, but i am at times. That i dont wanna bring fear and confusion to my boys but tell them about love and respect for all people. No matter what they come from or believe in. That im happy with the internet for connecting with you, beautiful people, showing me that love and connection is indeed all what matters and that this excist. And didnt i tell you that i have missed you?
I can tell about the frogs and toads in my garden making me happy, that i love to listen to the birds singing. That being aware of the scent of nature > grass and plants after some rain, chasing all dark clouds away.
 And most of all that im happy that all i cant find the words for find a place in my dreams, drawings and paintings. 

PS i cant find the apostrophe on my computer keyboard, very frustrating LOL
Love u Caio


renilde said...

hello Monica, welcome back, hope you are happy and well in your new home.
intriguing drawing, beautiful lines, that red background is wonderful. we are in for a real treat when everything you are going to show us is as beautiful as this one, the more i look at it the more i love it!!

Caio Fern said...

are you kidding !!
after so long you come back and this is all you have to say ?!

wonderful drawing........so good to see it on this post.

I am glad you are back.

Momo Luna said...

Hi Renilde,

see the extra words i wrote in this post. Yes my new home feels great. My boys also are happy here, even though they have to bike much longer to go to school and friends etc.....
Good to see you here, reading your nice comment. Happy you like the drawing. This one grows on me too.

Hi Caio my dear friend. Yes i have missed you too! Your comment confused me a bit haha, but it inspired me to write some more as you see. Im not a storyteller or as good with words as you are. But i hope you like what i have written.
I am glad to see you here. Kisses!!!

Two Tigers said...

Monica, my dear it is so good to read your words again! I am glad that Caio urged you to write more, though perhaps I would have done it with a little more tact! I'm glad your home feels like home, but I am sad that your kitty has gone missing. This is not unusual when families move house - the kitty is still attached to the old home territory and cannot adjust to the new surroundings. I am sending positive thoughts that he finds his way back to you! He looks like a very handsome and wise fellow!

As for the decline of humanity, I see the same things and it makes me that much more determined to hold dear all my good friends who have good hearts, like you! We can be strong against the tide of negativity! All the best to you, dear dear friend!

Elisabeth said...

Monica, it's good to visit you again. Sad that your cat is missing but good that you enjoy your new home. As for the destructiveness out in the world, I suspect it's always been there it's just that we see it all too clear;y, too often through the media and technology. For this reason I stop reading newspapers.

Bitch said...

I am also very glad too have you back on blog again..
I was thinking about your health
and I am relieved now!
I hope that you are going to find your cat...
Reading about your new home makes my happy also!!!

Send my love.

Patricia said...

Good drawing and glad that you are back. So sorry about the cat!!

Harnett-Hargrove said...

I love the linear and abstract quality of your offering. -J

Brian Sylvester said...

Dearest Monica,

I am very happy to see you back here but very, very sad to hear about Willie. Like G said, I think he may just be a little confused. He knows where his family is, and I suspect that he will return.

I would love to hear more about your new home. Are you still living in Arnhem?

You have always been expressive in both your work and your words. Maybe you are just rusty with the blogwords right now. Not to worry, they will come ;)

All the best to you!


Gary L. Everest said...

Dear Monica,
It seems everyone has already expressed the universal happiness that you're back, sadness about Willie being missing and how much your drawing is appreciated.
May I simply add my name to the list and wish you all the best in your new home.
Welcome home, Monica.

Momo Luna said...

Ha dear Gabriella,
well you know Caio, he`s the one who can say this to me because i know he cares....
It`s so good to see you here again and it`s so wonderful to read your inspiring blogs again also.
Yes, cats can run away when you`re moving, but we had hold him in the house for some weeks. Then we let him out and he came back every time. He must have been scared perhaps and run away in panic. We also have warned our old neighbors. Tnx for the positive thoughts sending our way, that is always a good help, i`m sure.
Yes, tnx for reminding me this, bringing positiv energy into the world must help against all negativity. And i am also very happy with the friendship of you and all good souls around this globe.

Momo Luna said...

Gi there Elisabeth,
i`s also very good to see you here, reading your nice comment. And the good memories i get when reading your name.
Yes, you`re so right. Ofcourse the negativity was always out there, just as the good things. Getting informed of what`s going on in the world is sometimes too much i suppose.
Sweet greetz for a dear lady!

Momo Luna said...

Hi there sweet Monika!!
So happy to read your comment, seeing you here. I was thinking of you too because of Greece in the media overhere. I hope everything is fine for you.

Kisses, dear one and tnx for your comment making me smile....

Momo Luna said...

Hi there Patricia,
it feels good to be back again. Thank you so much for your kind comment.
Sweet greetz!

Momo Luna said...

Yes, an offering it is Jayne. Thank you for your wonderful comment.

Momo Luna said...

Hello, hello hello Brian!!
So glad to see you here again! And so happy to read all on your blog, knowing you are doing fine, better, good....
I also still have hopes our Willie will returning home.

I am still living in Arnhem. I soon will write you a mail with some photographs. But give me some time, cause the boys aren`t at school yet, needing my attention lol.
I like that, rusty with the blogwords. Yes i know it will come back, the right words. Sometimes i`m holding myself in captivity which makes it difficult to communicate. I can`t explain it.
How did i miss you!

xoxo and all the best my friend.

Momo Luna said...

Dear Gary,

thank you very much for the nice welcome home comment. It`s always such a pleasure to read your kind comments. And now i`m going to visit your blog to catch up with the wonderful art of you.
Sweet greetz for you.

Momo Luna said...

Dear Gary,

thank you very much for the nice welcome home comment. It`s always such a pleasure to read your kind comments. And now i`m going to visit your blog to catch up with the wonderful art of you.
Sweet greetz for you.

Caio Fern said...

hahah1 oNLY now i WAS ABLE TO come and see the new post.

wow, and what about the cat ?
didn't her went back to the old home ? cats do this sometimes.

well.... at least things are better, you are in your new home and ready to a new life ;)

don't get pessimist about the world... you don't belong to this anyway.

Harry Kent said...

Dear Monica, it's so good to hear you have found a place of light live. And that you are a light to your boys. Certainly you light our lives with your art and with your tender heart.

Sorry about Willie. We love them so much, so are part of the family, a source of great delight but of sometimes a source of worry too. I guess worrying for someone is just part of loving them.

Fortunately, there is a cat living inside the Willie you know and that means he has inner resources for survival that you and i can hardly even imagine.

We all send our best and loving vibes to your new home.

{{{ H U G }}}

Momo Luna said...

Hi Caio,
sorry for the late response but still a bit hectic overhere, one week to go then my boys are going back to school and i will have more time for blogging....
The cat is a He lol, and he's still not back yet. Neighbors at the old adress also are looking out for him, i still have hope. I miss him a lot, he's such a funny little rascal.

I'll try not to be pessimistic, and although i have nothing to do with the negativity, it hits me too one way or another.
Kisses dear friend!

Momo Luna said...

Hello there dear Harry,
so good to read your sweet comment.
Yes, Willie is also part of the family, so we miss him a lot!
Yes to love someone means also worrying sometimes. I also have these worries for my sons....
I love it how you write about the cat inside Willie. And i'm aware of that. There is a lot of nature in my new neighborhood, so maybe he's wandering around, having a good time. And that will make me happy for him, but not knowing, that's the pain. I hope he's not miserable and afraid out there.

Thanks for the good vibes and i really can feel them.

Hugs and kisses for you also dear friend!

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Momo Luna said...

Thank you!