The mysterious world of MONICA CROESE


The middle of the night

I am a nightowl. I love to draw and paint at night when the world is quiet and everyone else asleep. Where my thoughts and dreams can flow freely without interuption. Are you a nightowl or a morningstar?


Emmy said...

so nice that you are back
love to see your work again

Caio Fern said...

I am a morning sar, baby !!!!!

I love its expression, really. this is a wonderful work full of menings.


Martine said...

Emmy took the words right out of my mouth. As i say this painting i wanted to tell you how happy i am your back.
Love this painting..............

semtex said...

nightowl, but live like a morningstar to survive so discard the star part.

love the drawing.

Patricia said...

The moon and I are close friends. I find such creative stores of energy at night!

Denise Scaramai said...

I am definitely a nightowl.
Silence on the street is the best friend and the moon keen insights ...

this drawing is very lovely,
and very strong!
kisses, dear

Bitch said...

Powerful painting, expressive eyes..
I am a morning whatever!!!

yvette said...

both...sleep in between...

so happy to have you back, looking at your new work.

Is poes al weer terug?
Misschien naar het oude huis teruggelopen?


Two Tigers said...

To suit the schedule of the outside world, I learned to be a morning person - but at heart I am a nightowl and I can see the love of the night in all your work! Dear Momo, your paintings always look like they are bathed in moonlight - and your women, you can see it in their eyes, they understand what happens in the shadows! Beautiful!

Crissant said...

Since i was a child i´m a morningstar. But now i learned how to enter in some states of mind to colaborate also with the night.
Lovely, beautiful, singular - your painting moves me.
You´re great, dear nightowl.

Harry Kent said...

Gabriella said it so beautifully. Momo Luna, Lady of Gentle Light, Lady of Midnight Shadows.

A moving drawing, Monica, more so because i read it a number of ways simultaneoulsy. The thrust of torso and bondage have an erotic feel to them. But I think I see pain in those unfocused pensive eyes and sad set of the mouth. Is that the blood of passion? Or the spilt blood of a recalled passion, past? Or the deluge of blood from a violent world? Or just the life-blood seeping from a bruised and bleeding soul feeling trapped in the night?

Powerful work.

Momo Luna said...

Sorry all for the late response!!

Thank you so very much Emmy, that is so sweet of you....

Yes, i thought already you're a morning star Caio dear. Yes this drawing also has many layers. I'm happy you love it.

Hallo lieve Martine,
ik ben wel terug, maar nog niet helemaal in het ritme van bloggen. Over 2 weken weer meer tijd,
Heel fijn je weer hoer te lezen.

Hallo Semtex!!!
wat een verrassing om weer eens een reactie van je te lezen. Dat doet me oprecht plezier. Ik lees jouw blog ook nog steeds, mocht je je dat afvragen.
Dat je een nachtuil bent wist ik al wel. Gedwongen morgenster ben ik ook, dus ik herken dat. Het eerste half uur moet je mij ff met rust laten 's morgens.
Fijn je hier te zien.....

Hi Patricia,
tnx for commenting. I shake your hand moonsister.

Dear Denise,
i'm not amazed you're also a nightowl. There's moonenergy in your work for sure....
Kisses back sweet friend.

Momo Luna said...

Ha Monika,
you're whatever made me smile. Yes, you shine like a sun!
Tnx sweet one, for your kind comment.....

Lieve Yvette,
nog niet helemaal terug, maar over een week heb ik weer meer tijd.
Willie is helaas nog steeds niet terug en wordt zeer gemist! Maar we hebben nog hoop. De buren op het oude adres letten op. En ook hier in onze nieuwe wijk.
Liefs en xoxo

Dear, sweet Gabriella,
how i appreciate your kind, sweet comment a lot.
Yes, i also need to be a morning person, but i can't go to sleep before 1 o'clock. So i've learned to get my energy out of less sleep i suppose. I love what you write abput my drawings as if they bathe in moonlight. They hide dreams for sure, and yes my women know the shadows also by heart...
Thanks again dear one, for your comment.

Dear Crissant,
to read your comment moves me. I am so happy that my drawings can touch the soul for those who really see and listen.
Kisses for you!!!

Dear Harry,
you always amazes me with your wonderful comments and insights. Your kind words make me less insecure about my art and pleases me as if i am a child.
All what you write about this drawing is true. It contains all > pain and passion, past and future, life and dream and more.
It is not the red of which we bleed, Blixa Bargeld starts to sing at this very moment.
It is not that red......

I send you my love and all good wishes dear Harry.

BrandNewStudio said...


will-Art said...

Knap werk!

Momo Luna said...

Tnx Julio and Will!

Lila said...

nightowl. totally. but to earn money i have to do the morningstar-thing. not easy to get used to it.:(