The mysterious world of MONICA CROESE


Fly kisses fly!



A happy easter to all of you!


Jasmine said...

I love the bubblefly :)

Inkpunk Artworks said...


Happy Easter to you as well! It was exactly 13 years ago when I was in your country. I remember the Easter bells ringing, so this time of year always brings back good memories.


jbkrost said...

thanks mo....
right back at ya!

Caio Fernandes said...

lovely works Monica !!!
an extremely happy easter for you too !!
kisses !!

Rachel said...

Kissis für dich, du Beste ...

Ein gesegnetes und, fröhliches osterfest, liebe Monica, dir und deinen Lieben ...

Grüß deinen Sohn ;-)

Herzlichst, Rachel

ALeks said...

Beautiful kisskissbeatle Momo,but bubblefly is not that bad either,:O)
Veel liefs van Aleksandra! XOXOX

Annie said...

Ook voor jou en je gezin mooie paasdagen gewenst!

JRonson said...

I believe you have every reason, there should be no initial explanation for the art done, but not everyone can make their own interpretation was not able to discuss own work. The explanation should only come after no doubt:)
Like your work, they all have one but its means is not necessary to explain it, just let the viewer imagine:) a nice easter to you :)

Martine said...

Zalig pasen.

Elisabeth said...

And to you Momo. Happy Easter.

Here comes the sun greets me as I open your page. Wonderful. Even at nine o'clock at night.

Mahendra Nazar said...

hello Momo,
thanks for your kindness to visit and leave your comments in my blog.. i really appreciated.. :D

you have a great sense of art, your artworks are unique,, and your son Chris really got a talent.. pass along a greeting from me to your son and family..

friendly greet from indonesia..

Momo Luna said...

Thanks Jasmine. :-)

Tnx Brian,
good to read you have such good memories from my country.
A hug for you!

Tnx JB!

Kisses back Caio, i hope your Easter was as wonderful as mine.

Danke Rachel, und ich habe deine Grüß an Chris gezeichnet. Ein liebe Grüß zurück für dich. :-)

Dank je wel Aleks, ik ben er ook wel tevreden over.
Liefs en xoxo terug voor jou!

Dank je wel Annie.

Tnx JRonson. Your absolutely right and i like it a lot to read your explanations. I meant you don't have to explain if you can't or feel like it.
Sweet greetz for you!

Dank je lieve Martine.

Thank you dear Elisabeth. I hope your Easter was a happy one. I noticed that the sound quality of here comes the sun isn't good, so i try to find a better version. :-)

Hi Mathendra and welcome. Thank you for commenting also. I couldn't resist commenting on your blog because i find your art very original and cool. :-)
Sweet greetz!

Laura said...

Thank you for your post!
I love the bubblefly--it reminds me of an organism on a cellular level.

Momo Luna said...

Thank you Laura, i like that; an organism on a cellular level. :-)