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A taste of life

I hope you all had a wonderfull Easter, like i did. The second Easter day was great; i painted all day long!
I finally finished my Taste of life painting, based upon a drawing of mine that's very dear to me. (A little girl....) I started the painting but it was a big struggle, i couldn't finish it. It wasn't good enough for what i wanted to tell. So it stood there in my room, whispering for attention. But i resisted all those whispers and let it be.

Yesterday i started a new painting. The first steps, the base and i am pleased. Curious what will become of it. But then i had to stop, it was enough for that moment. I felt a bit frustrated for being stuck.

My eyes dwell through the room and there she was, the little girl so old. Silent. I looked at her, afraid to approach her. But she was calm and my restlessness resolved in the air. I took a deep breath and started to paint. And paint. Until this girl could tell all she wants to tell. That makes me so happy. Now she has finished her story and i fell in love with her. I am so content on how she grew. I hope you also like my little girl, so old in her shoes. I haven't a good camera so i have posted the painting twice. One inside the house and one outside in the sun but with shadows (i like the shadows btw) I hope you get a bit an idea of the colors etc. The tree is black with red scratches, the earth is also with lots of scratches so you can see many layers. It's a pity this isn't so clear on the picture. But here is my new painting

A taste of life.


Martine said...

Ik vind je kleine meisje prachtig.
Ze kijkt me aan alsof ze wil zeggen; maar mijn geheimpjes vertel ik je nog niet.
Anders dan je andere werk , heel erg interessant.

Caio Fernandes said...

this girl is so expressive , calm .... yes ... she keeps waiting you aproach her and make the first move with your feelings .
i loved the dress . and the red bowl .

Momo Luna said...

Dank je Martine. Haar geheimen zal ze niet blootgeven, maar als je goed kijkt.....

Dear Caio,
thanks for seeing the expression of this girl. But her calmth hides dark depths. I also love the bow, i painted it blood red for a reason. Just like the black on the white. It's too bad you cannot see all the scratches on this painting or the smutted blood spots on her pocket (like a cut) where she hides her hands. Or the shadows in the dark. The painting hides more than you can tell at first sight.
♥ Monica

SKIZO said...

Good creations.

jorge tejera said...

Inquietante! Niña En rojo y negro! (Con mirada inquietante mano en El Bolsillo)

Heather Gordy said...

Great Colors!

Rachel said...

Liebste Monica,

SIE Sitzt so brav, so, ALS SIE Verwaltungsgemeinschaft Würde Genau Wissen, da ist Jemand, der wird von mir JEDE Einzelheit view, um Ein wundervolles Bild entstehen zu Lassen ... und DAS IST ES geworden ...

Herzlichst, Rachel

Momo Luna said...

Thank you Skizo. :-)

Thank you Jorge, i am so happy that you notice the alarmingly elements in this painting.

Thank you Heather.

Danke Rachel, ich liebe das, Jede einzelheit. :-)
Sweet greetz for you.....

Sharmon Davidson said...

I like this very much. You did a great job resolving your original problems. She looks so sad, so expressive of the title; it's very touching and emotional.

William Michaelian said...

Your paintings are always amazing, finished, unfinished, they all have lives of their own. Everything I click on in this post has special vitality — the kind of paintings that give you strength just looking at them. The kind that make you say, “Momo Luna.”

lynne h said...

oh, i love her... everything about her... xo

Betty Manousos:cutand-dry.blogspot.com said...

I love this art work! Stunning! Your blog is so lovely and creative!And I just loved it!!!
I'm glad you found me ,so I had the chance to visit you!
Thanks so much for your interesting comments on my blog!

Inkpunk Artworks said...


Painting all day! I love it when it works out that way, and I love everything about this piece of yours. There's something about her expression, and the hidden hands - is she lost, scared, shy?
The story that you told is just as important about the finished painting itself - whispering to you, wanting attention, only to be picked up at the right moment then finished with such flourish! It's moments of clarity like this that propel us to the next step and beyond.

Have a great weekend!

Annie said...

'Het kleine meisje' met een grote innerlijke wereld, zo lijkt me. Het kleine meisje in Monica?
De foto die je in het zonlicht hebt genomen, zegt het meeste. Heel mooi werk!
Je nieuwe schilderij wordt ook goed. Interessant perspektief!

Laura said...

exceptionally beautiful.

Crissant said...

Your work is brilliant. Really special!
I wanna be back here an see more and more ;)

Elisabeth said...

Perhaps you write your autobiography through your painting here, Momo.

As Annie asks in her comment: 'Het kleine meisje' met een grote innerlijke wereld, zo lijkt me. Het kleine meisje in Monica?...Heel mooi werk.

Thanks, Monica

JRonson said...

Nothing better to spend the Easter painting:)
more one sees, beautiful colors, shapes and lines, I am a fan :)

Momo Luna said...

Thank you Sharmon, i'm pleased with the results (after resolving the problems) also. And yes she's sad but she's strong and hopeful as well. I'm glad you noticed the emotional part.

Thank you so much dear William for such a sweet comment. That makes me a bit shy.

Thank you Lynne that makes me happy, she's very precious to me.

You're welcome Betty.

Dear Brian,
yes i also love it when it works out this way. My boys were with friends skating and playing soccer, so there was this chance for my love (making music) and myself.
The little girl is all three of it (lost, scared and shy) but even more beyond that also; refound and brave. And yes her hidden hands tells a story.
And now i'm wondering how your day is, and that you have lots of succes. :-D

Hi Annie,
ja je ziet het goed, dit is wel het meisje in mij. Ik ben benieuwd waar het nieuwe schilderij me brengt.
Dank je voor je reactie. :-)

Thank you very much Laura.

Welcome Crissant and thank you for your nice words.

That's so true Elisabeth, in fact i write my autobiography through all of my work, but i think all artists (musicians, writers, painters)do? But you're right this painting (and the drawing of her) are the most close to my heart.
Sweet greetz for you lovely lady.

yes JRonson that was a wonderful Easterday. That you're fan makes me happy. :-)

Quase Blog da Li said...

Momo Luna,
this girl is so expressive, beautifully colored.
Her pose with hands in pocket leave it mysterious, it was very good!

Anonymous said...

Nice work Momo...

ArtPropelled said...

She is lovely .... contemplative. I also like your header and your profile picture.

Jean said...

Très beau !

ALeks said...

I love her! :O)

Momo Luna said...

Oh i missed the last comments, i'm so sorry.

Thank you Li, yes i meant to hide her hands, as a mystery to what happened.

Thank you so much Leca!

Tnx Artpropelled. :-D

Merci Jean.
She's very dear to me, so i'm glad you like her.

That makes me happy ALeks. :-D