The mysterious world of MONICA CROESE


Keep breathing, let's talk about it later

Still working on drawings and paintings for the series Malleus maleficarum.  I wanna place the drawings in black boxes, so that you have to peep inside the boxes to see the drawing. And i paint the silhouettes of the women on large canvasses. White silhouettes on a dark black and red background.

Keep breathing
This drawing is a try out. I've painted all day long on a canvas, working out this idea. One painting finished, and i am happy with it. The silhouette is even more plain white.  Soon i will be posting it.

Let's talk about it later
The silhouette of the try out is from the drawing above. But i have decided that this drawing will not be in the series Malleus maleficarum. Because of the colors (green and blue). The Malleus maleficarum women will only be in white, red and pink. I noticed that these colors emphasize their nudity and therefor there vulnerability.  And that's what i wanna express in these drwings.

read: The memory game * Nicci French
taste: sweet white wine  ~  smell: japanese water incense
hear: Blithe field * illuminating moments  ~  touch: the skin of my paint smutted hands
think: about painting  ~  feel: happy and a bit restless


Martine said...

this is interesting Monica............very, very interesting!

K Howell said...

The transparency of the silhouetted form is so right. Looking forward to more!

nouvelles couleurs - vienna atelier said...

Monica the second one leave me really without breath and words...

Caio Fern said...

both works are good...
now I felt like to see the whole series. hahah!

show it ! show it !!!


Denise Scaramai said...

'Let's talk about it later', is brilliant! I loved, is great!
like the idea to place the series in black boxes!
I'm anxious to see everyone!

renilde said...

Happy and a bit restless.... i often have that feeling when i'm up to make something new that feels right ;)

Dank je voor je lieve reacties en ja ik zal niet teveel hooi op men vork proberen te nemen al kriebelt het wel om weer volop aan de slag te gaan, x

André Tavares said...


His work is beautiful!
Very expressive.
Already I am his follower.

Two Tigers said...

The idea of the black boxes is perfect! These women deserve more than a quick passing by - one must stop and spend some time and enter their world, and even give something of yourself away to truly appreciate them.

Crissant said...

Really interesting the ideas, elements, color and process you chose for this series.
I think it will be great!
Warm hug.

Momo Luna said...

Hi all, thanks for commenting, sorry for the late response. ;-)

Dank je wel lieve Martine, ja, ik kan hier nog wel even mee door gaan, idee:en genoeg.

Thank you so much K. i also thought that, the silhouette on the canvas i am workingt on is even more white, almost like a cut out form.

So happy with your kind comment dear Laura!

Lol Caio, be patient my friend, i show the canvas if i have finished them all, so it will take awhile. ;-)

Thanks Denise, you are so kind. I wanna try out the black boxes this weekend, hoping my hubbie will help me with it. I will show it soon......

That's a wonderful feeling isn't it Renilde? Happy to see you here, knowing you are well. :-)

Hello Andre and welcome, it's good seeing you here. I am happy you like my art.
Sweet greetz to you!

That's wonderfully said dear gabriella and yes that's the idea. I hope that to place the drawing in a black box, the viewer will be a bit isolated and drag into the world in the box.
Always happy to read your comments!

Thank you so much dear Crissant, i hope it will be great and interesting for the viewer.

Daniel Casares Román said...

Me encanta tu obra. Yo pienso que eres una artista!


Momo Luna said...

Thank you so much Daniel!
Sometimes i am questioning and doubting my art, so your comment means a lot to me.....

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