The mysterious world of MONICA CROESE


Poetical thoughts for my drawings

Innocent little town

If i withdraw
and fall silent
for a long time
where wander my thoughts?

To the home
with secret places
where i hided
but never thought safe.

He felt a terrible weakness
She moved in an intense way
The sky above was cloudless
Her eyes had too much too say

And where is he now?

Just forget

My breath fails me while dreaming.
Crimsonred blot my thoughts.
I try to banish
the vague shadows of a dark day
with blue skies
in a sunny eternity.

English is not my mothertongue, but i love to write in english because it makes me think better in what i want to say, what to express. If there are any HUGE grammatical faults in my writings, please let me know. I'll appreciate it. Thank you.


Rachel said...

Momo, deine lyrischen Gedanken sind wundervoll, so nachvollziehbar, so wirklich...

Ich hoffe, du schreibst noch mehr zu deinen Bildern in Zukunft...

herzlichst, Rachel

Lilo said...

Sehr ausdruckstarke Bilder !
Lieben Gruß


zu den Kommentaren kann ich nichts schreiben - mir reichen deine Bilder!!! Den Gestus in der zweiten Zeichnung finde ich sehr schön - das Zeigen und das Verstecken - Das Öffnen und Verschließen - die Mitteilung und das Geheimniß. Alles findet sich in diesen Handstellungen - in der Haltung des Körpers und der Rahmung des Gesichtes.

wegen mir muß da nix mehr geschrieben werden...

allison said...

your world is fascinating, love it. love the way you express with your paitings that are full of symbols, and love what you wrote with them.
I also like to write in English, even if isn't my mother language neither, but i feel to very inside of me, so i'm still learning and practicing :)
I think you write very well!
have a wonderful day!
have a you a flickr account?

Dan Gliubizzi said...

I speak English only, so I find it interesting to hear about speaking and writing in another language. I enjoy your work and thoughts.

Momo Luna said...

Hello Rachel, thank you for your (immer) nice words. I like writing, so.... And i have also lots of lyrics from my hand that i want to post here. At least the ones i like the most.

Sweet greetz for you....

Danke Lilo. :-D

Danke Jürgen for your constructive comment. And i guess you're right. My drawings, paintings tell a story and they don't need words. I agree with you. Sometimes i want to add more and more, just because of insecurity. But i like to write also, although i am not that good. ;-) But i shall separate my writings from my drawings and paintings. Just because i think you're right.
Sweet greetz.......

Hi there Allison (great name),
i am happy you enjoy my world. Yes i also feel the need to write english inside me, i have a weak spot for England although i've never been there. I don't know why. I don't have a flickr account. I have my space, and i am a memeber of creative souls.


Hello Dan and welcome,

i am glad you enjoy my work and thoughts. When i was singing in a band i started to write (my own lyrics) in english & i liked that a lot. So that's the beginning of me writing in the english language. If i wanna tell a story, english helps me to make clear what exactly i wanna tell.

Laura said...

beautiful words and beautiful images. thank you.