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Hi there my dear readers, at the moment i am not that much on the internet. I have a muscle disease and at the moment it's a bit rebellious towards my body. So i am a bit silent, but i hope to visit my favourite blogs soon again. For now some new insects and organics. I hope you'll enjoy it. Until later, i catch you soon. :-D









Caio Fernandes said...

i am sorry to hear that you aren't 100% these days .
get better soon . your presense makes the diference .
i thought funny you saying about your muscles . a rebelious ... rebel guys . read the Bible to then , maybe they get a better behaveour . serously .
your works are very courious and in great harmony . i like the way you are able to deal with all those colors . cool .
more and more Luna revels her face ......WOW .
what is going to be next !!!
i will wait to see .

Rachel said...

Liebe Momo Luna, ich hoffe, es geht dir wieder besser.
Auf jeden Fall wünsche ich dir gute Genesung, dass du bald wieder hier bei uns sein kannst..

herzlich, Rachel


schöne Dinge findst du über dieses Verfahren. Ich fände es reizvoll wenn bei der Doppelung kleine Unregelmäßigkeiten hineinwandern würden.
LG Jürgen

P.S. Deine Musik ist immer wieder toll - ich lasse sie hier oft lange im Hintergrund laufen!! - Ganz Klasse!!!

aleph said...

Hope you´ll be better soon. It´s funny but looking at the four last images I thought about muscles´fibers, cartilagues and tendons, too streched or too contracted. Like forces pulling things in opposite directions. The first three are so clearly growing and blossoming, I really like this works of yours.

Manon Doyle said...

I hope you feel better soon! I love seeing you around blogland!!
Your work is always terrific and inspiring!!


Get well soon dear Momo!!!

Elisabeth said...

It's terrible when your body lets you down, especially when you are bursting with creativity. This is how i see you, Momo, bursting with creativity.

Keep up the good fight and get well soon.

yvette said...

heerlijke muziek!
Let op je lijffie...al te veel rebelse akties doen je niet goed maar het is zo begrijpelijk!
Ik geniet van je kunst, echt!

take care!

whitney-anne said...

good wishes and lots of sympathy. Be compassionate to your poor body!
I agree with Aleph's comment that the pictures posted look very like muscles fibres under the microscope perhaps?

Crescendo said...

Very nice works !

Nadege said...

heal dear momo luna - TY for
thinking of your readers and
leaving these amazing pictures.

kenflett said...

I hope the sun is shining on your face. :)

Harnett-Hargrove said...

Hope you feel fit soon. Your posted incredible worlds look both micro and macro! -Jayne

Momo Luna said...

Dear Caio,
i'm still low on energy, but in my head everything is fine and that's the most important. :-D I hope you have some patience for what's coming next..... ;-)
Sweet greetz for you!

Danke Rachel für deine liebe Wörte. My muscle-disease is chronical, so it won't go away, but there are good times and sometimes it's a bit less good. But i'm used to this, although it can be frustrating sometimes.
A hug for you.....

Hi Jürgen,
it's great you notice these Unregelmäßigkeiten ( the eye of a painter) I love them and yes i won't delete them, in fact sometimes i adjust a bit Unregelmäßigkeit, i don't like flawlessness. :-D
I like it: you enjoying my choice of music. Often i also let it run while painting.
Sweet greetz!

Thank you Aleph for your nice words. I like the idea about the muscles, i understand your view.
I'm thinking of making prints of my organic worlds.

Hi dear Manon, thanks for your sweet words, i also like seeing you wandering around blogland. Something went wrong with Twitter btw, i will soon try again haha, but i'm not sure it's something for me though.
I find your work always very inspiring, giving joy and warmth.

Thank you dear Apollinaire.

Thank you Elisabeth, and you're right i'm bursting with creativity but out of energy. And yes, that's very frustrating. But luckily i'm a positive person and i know it comes and go, in awhile i will be better again.

Dank je lieve Yvette, ik hoop dat het goed met je gaat. fijn dat je van mijn kunst geniet, ik geniet ook van jouw prachtige vilten creaties.

Thank you Whitney-Anne for your lovely comment.

I'm happy you like it Crescendo, tnx. :-)

Thnx Nadege, you readers (and commentors) are bringing me joy. :-)

It's cold and grey overhere Ken, but the sun shines in my heart. Even more now after reading your nice comment. I hope you and your lovely family are enjoying your new home. i guess you are, no doubt. Such a lovely home. :-D
Sweet greetz.....

I like it Jayne, micro ánd macro. I hope i'll be fit soon too.

Last but not least i wanna say that's such a joy to meet all of you, lovely, creative people here in blogland. big hug!

merci33 said...

Hi Momo
I'm so happy to see your wonderful organic world and the terrific kallidoscopic designs make me think of both nouveau and deco...a great blend.
Isn't it a grand day when we meet a new world view? That's how I feel about coming over to visit you.

Momo Luna said...

Hello Merci, what a lovely comment, thank you. It's always great and exciting to meet new (world) views. :-)

Swee greetz.....