The mysterious world of MONICA CROESE


Topic: Is that blood on the floor?

Why 'Is that blood on the floor?' Blood is the symbol for life and in christian symbolism it also stands for salvation of mankind thru shedding the blood of Christ. The colour red has many meanings: warmth, love and passion, martyrdom. In the dark ages red was the colour of sin and destroying violence.
Ever since puberty women are conversant with blood. The deeper level in this work also contains the pain women often suffer from violence: physically as well mentally. But i didn't paint the women as sad martyrs though. They send out meeknes thru their vulnerability, but not in a passive way i think. I wanted to imagine strong women who despite their pain carry on their path of life with their head high.
I'm thinking about the form of this topic. Shall i print them, large sized? Or like photographs in a small book which i also work up so that the viewer get the feeling of a voyeur.
I've decided it will be a book with images and poems. I am working on a webshop so soon you can buy yourself some real Momo Luna art.

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