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I'm pleased and honoured to receive a special 'The gift of love' award from Rachel. Her poems linger in your thoughts. It's my first award and i appreciate it very much. So thank you sweet Rachel.
Now i have to pass this award on to five other persons and that was a difficult one, because i love all the blogs i visit and that's more than five. Because it's a gift of LOVE award, I grounded my choice on the lights in bloggerland. Here they are:
The first one i pass on to Renee. Her blog is all about love. Love for her family and friends, love for the world we live in and sweet as she is, she also is very caring and interested in fellow bloggers.
The second one i pass on to Manon Doyle. To visit her blog is always very inspiring for me. She's as sparkling as her beautiful art and this special lady shares not only her art with us but also her techniques and other interesting know hows for artists.
The third award i pass on to Ken Flett. Finding his blog on the www was like a treasure to me. His intense art touches me deeply on many levels and in his work and words you can feel his love for life and people.
The fourth award goes to..... Robert Wilson of Appolinaire's tattoo. Because of his deep, beautiful and sometimes sad poems about love. Always makes me longing for more of his melancholic world.
And last but not least: the fifth award goes to Caio A great painter i think. His art touches the soul and he's a very charming man that always supports other bloggers.

I hope you all enjoy your award. It comes from a loving heart. :-)


Caio Fernandes said...

wow , i didn't know Rachel and Robert's blogs . thank you for introduce then !!

ABOUT THE "OTHERS" ... no no , i don't agree . they don't deserve any award .. i have never visited their blogs ....i don't like then ...hahahhhh!!!
Manon who ? Ken who? Renee ? never heard about then .

thank you Pretty Luna !!!( bella luna ).
i am really happy .

Renee said...

Sweet Momo you are such a lovely and talented artist. Your beauty in words, looks and paintings is a treasure.

I was so happy to see Manon, Caio, and Ken. I love all three. And you too dear one.

Thank you.

Love Renee xoxo

Caio Fernandes said...

hi , it is me again .
hoppe you like the post i have made for you .
if don't , tell me and i take off with no problems .

see you dear .

kathrin said...

Congratulations at you all !!! Kathrin

yvette said...

that must be a good feeling for all of you!


Manon Doyle said...

Thank you so very much! I'm so honored that you would think of me!! I love the company you've put me in!!! but.... wait..... who is Caio? lol!!!
A big hug to you Sweet Momo!!

Momo Luna said...

Haha Caio, i'm glad you're happy!
And your welcome, the poems of both Rachel and Robert are very beautiful. Besides, Robert makes also great images!
And you're a brat indeed LOL. But a charming one.

Tnx for your sweet words Renee, you are a special, caring woman and i'm glad i found you on the www. I love you too. :-)

Caio, i saw your post and it makes me shy but happy.

Thank you Kathrin and Yvette. :-)

Hi Manon, i'm glad you enjoy it. And yes you're in very good company. Caio? Is something else haha. ;-)

kenflett said...

Your so lovely Momo, thank you so much.
and like the others, l'm honored to be with the gang of lovers.

Momo Luna said...

Hi Ken, so happy that you've find some time to visit me here. I'm glad you enjoy your award and you deserve it. :-D


Thank you so much dear Momo.

Momo Luna said...

Your welcome :-) and sorry for the late response.