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De granaatappel * The pomegranate

At the moment i am very restless and all i want to do is paint, paint paint! My most favourite time to paint isat night, 'cause then all is quiet, no disturbances. Just me, my painting and some music. But to paint at night isn't possible when you have children ánd work. So i have to find my way during the day. Also i am struggling to find myself again in my paintings. Insecurity blocks sometimes my creative energy. This insecurity i never feel about my drawings. I have to find my goals again, to find my way to express myself with paint and being happy with it. Sometimes i still find myself too neat, as i pointed out before. But i will get there where i wanna be. In time....

This painting i started to paint some years ago, but never had the time and the courage to finish it. But now i've started painting again and can't be stopped so to speak ;-), i finally hope to finish this painting in some days. Sorry for the bad reproduction, i'll ask a good friend of mine to make better pictures in the future. But i wanted to upload this already haha.
It's a large painting; heigth 110 cm and width 130 cm. There's much too see on this painting. I call it the pomegranate. Because of the many symbolic meanings it contains. In a nutshell: The Christian symbolic of the pomegranate is resurrection. In ancient times it stands for fertility. And in the old Greek myths it's all about Persephone and the underworld. I like this one the most by the way. But i mixed all those symbolic meanings together to create my own mythological language. It speaks about good or bad, guilt and innocence, love, hope, fears, blood. All my favourite topics. If you take a good look at my painting you will find many references.

So here are some details of the painting:
Click on the images for a larger view.


William Michaelian said...

Wonderful. Powerful folk art, even before it’s done...

Steven D! feat. Charly_GC said...

A great picture, Momo Luna! Powerful, that's the right expression, William!
Have a nice evenig. Steven

whitney-anne said...

what an astonishing picture, very powerful.

Rachel said...

Dieses Bild hat Ausdruck, in jedem Detail, wie wird es erst sein, wennes fertig ist, einfach gigantisch...

herzlich, Rachel


eine ganz eigen und besondere Welt zeigst du uns da. Danke!!
LG Jürgen

Renee said...

You my love are absolutely amazing.

Your talent just jumps off of the page.

Love Renee xoxo

Liz said...

I have been peeking at your blog for a little while -- so beautiful... and so much to look at. Oh, there is so so much in this painting -- amazing!

Manon Doyle said...

Love this piece!
Seriously ..... you have no reason to feel insecure!! You are an amazing artist.... very talented!!

Caio Fernandes said...

it is great how rich in details it can be !!!


I also love this piece. Very happy you went back to it. a piece i am sure one could spend time with discovering new things.

aleph said...

It´s very impressive and strong, full of ideas translated into painting, figures, colours. Everything is rich and intense.

Elisabeth said...

I agree with all the above, Momo. The detail is amazing.

Creative people often doubt themselves. Take your fears as a measure of your talent.

We outside who look on, can comfortably say , you have nothing to fear but you're the one who has to do all this wonderful work.

And it is wonderful.

ria said...

It's impressive Monica! Terrific, I love the title of it, curious to see how you'll approach it now after years of 'abandoning' it ;) painting-wise, I mean.

Lilo said...

Bin ganz begeistert, von den Formen und Farben und den Geschichten.
Bin sehr interessiert und habe mich als Leserin eingetragen.
Lieben Gruß

Annie said...

Dit is echt heel boeiend! Ik wou dat ik ook zo veel inspiratie en ideeën had... Mooi!

Anonymous said...

wunderschön zum grusse werte lady
ich mag es hier darf ich dich verlinken?

Momo Luna said...

To you all: thank you so much for these encouraging comments. That makes me happy and gives me inspiration. Just as all your amazing, beautiful and inspirational blogs. That's why blogging is such fun. :-)

The last few days i wasn't (much) on the internet because i was ill, but it's getting better i hope.

Thank you William: even before it's done ---> i like that, it intruiges me, although i am not sure i understand it, but that's okay.

Thank you Steven and Whitney-Anne and welcome.

I love your comment dear Rachel, i was hoping to finish it this weekend, but i was banned to my bed because of my muscle disease. But it's already getting better (i hope)
Sweet greetz for you.

Your welcome Jürgen, i'm happy that you like my world.

Dear Renee,
you manage to place a huge smile on my face because of your sweet comment. I think of you as an absolutely amazing person. :-D
xxx for you.

Hi there Liz and welcome. I hope you come peeking more often.

Manon: thank you so much. Those words make me happy 'cause i think of you as an very talented ánd inspiring artist (as well).

Dear Caio, i must say, i'm also often amazed by what comes out of my mind. And all those details: what can i say... i like to tell stories i suppose. ;-)

Hi there Apollinaire, i am also very happy that i've picked up painting again. And yes visitors and friends can look for a long time at this painting and when they come back and look at it, they find new things or meanings.

Thank you Aleph, your comment gets me going.

Thank you Elisabeth (i love your name btw), your comment means a lot to me.

Tnx dear Ria, i hadn't had time yet, because of illnees, but i hope i can paint this week again.

Thank you Lilo and welcome. I am happy that you like my work and that yóu become a regular visitor. Das freut mich sehr. :-)

Hallo Annie, dank je wel voor je lieve reactie, Jij hebt ook inspiratie en ideeën toch? Ik vind jouw wereld op doek/papier ook boeiend.

Hello Rabenflug,
welcome in my world. I'm glad you like it. Und natürlich darfst du mich verlinken, i will be honoured. :-)

yvette said...

perfect name!


Harnett-Hargrove said...

Makes one wonder what was going on when it was begun. Wonderful confusion, wonderful chaos. -Jayne

ps.I'm finding it hard to read the light brown on brown...

Patricia said...

I hope that you are now well enough to go back to your artwork. Revisiting a previously started work can be invigorating...as time passes you have more to bring to a work...like editing.

Thank you for sharing this impressive production.

Cestandrea said...

Wow, what an expressive thing, this painting is! I send you good vibes and passion and energy to go on with it, it's fascinating!

Momo Luna said...

Hi Yvette,
ik hoop dat het goed met je gaat.
Dagdag! :-)

Thank you Jayne,
at that time i was young(er), restless and trying to combine memories with myths, icons etc.... Trying to find some structure in the chaos called life. :-)
I shall make the letters darker, please let me know if that makes any difference.

Hi Patricia,
you are so right, now i have find the peace and trust in myself to finish this work. Didn't happen yet though 'cause my body is a bit rebellious at the moment haha. But at the end of november it will be finished. That's my goal.
Thank you for your kind words.

Tnx Andrea, i can feel the good vibes and it makes me smile.
Love and good vibes back for you.

Renee said...

My dear friend, thank you for your sincere love and support that you offer me. Your friendship is as generous as your art.

Love Renee xoxo

Jan Willem Pieter Zandvliet said...

Heel goed werk