The mysterious world of MONICA CROESE


Just insects

Veins * Scared
Ohsymph * Eggs
Feather * Flame
Kissing flies * Innocence

Chickfly * Black old sun

The last view days i have been playing with a drawing program and cutted, coloured and manipulated parts of my drawings into strange insects and plants. I am very pleased with them. Tell me, what do you think of these strange worlds?


Wenz said...

Ha, waauw, dat geeft een bijzonder effect! Die helemaal linksonder bijvoorbeeld, chickfly, prachtig! De herhaling in de patronen doet me meteen aan zo'n kokertje van vroeger denken, de caleidoscoop, waarmee ik uren zoet kon zijn. :) Mooi om je creaties zo uit hun verband te rukken en opnieuw samen te voegen dat er een heel nieuw gevoel uit ontstaat.

Jasmine said...

I love them. The first one and the last four are my favourites. I've been thinking about patterns a lot recently. I'm learning a new craft and everything is experiment right now. I've done a few pictures and am moving onto patterns now. These would look wonderful on fabric. Especially silk with the light shining through..

Rachel said...

Da kannst du unbedingt zufrieden sein! Mir gefällt es sehr..

Ich habe dir einen Award geschenkt, schau mal auf meine Seite, in der Hoffnung, du freust dich!!

herzlich, Rachel

Manon Doyle said...

Generally.... I'm not fond of insects but I must say that yours are beautiful!!

aleph said...

I really like the resultus of your playful experiment, all of them are really intersting, symmetric figures are very powerful, besides. As Jasmine said, I think of them printed on fabrics, specially silk.

Harnett-Hargrove said...

I like these 'tiled' on the page... nice work. -Jayne

Karin Bartimole said...

gorgeous!! I happen to adore bugs and am fascinated by the natural patterns, colors and iridescent qualities many have, and how they often blend right into their plant backgrounds. These patterns and colors of yours are so dynamic - love them, as well as the new ones above!


I love these wonderful creatures

Gewll said...

Perfume of Africa,realy good.
Thank you for all your comments.

Du côté ...

Momo Luna said...

Ha Wenz, ik ben ook erg in mijn nopjes hiermee. Chickfly is ook een van mijn favorieten, net zoals thorns. En 'feather' vind ik een lief insektje geworden haha. Ja de kaleidoscoop, daar vermaakte ik me ook vaak mee. Ik haal vaak mijn tekeningen uit zijn verband om er weer wat anders mee te doen. Deze organische vormen inspireren me weer om ze heel groot te schilderen op doek. En ik verknip afgekeurde tekeningen in kleine stukjes en plak daar weer een nieuw werk van. Als hij af is upload ik het.
Altijd fijn je hier weer te treffen.

Hi Jasmine, it's special that you mention the fabric. When i was at art school, i also made patterns and later on i wanted to become a fabric designer, but didn't know how to do that. :-s But yes, these printed on silk can be wonderful. Your comment inspires me to find out how to do that. :-D

Hello Rachel, i was busy this weekend but i go to find out on your blog. I'm honoured. Thank you so much for your feedback. :-) Yes, ich freue mich über die Award.
Süsse Gruss, Momo Luna

Lol Manon, i'm not fond of bugs either! In fact i'm very afraid of spiders. So why do i make pretty insects? I've no idea haha.

Hi there Aleph, i agree: symmetry gives strong images. I love symmetry a lot. And sometimes i like to disturb the symmetry a tiny little bit, not to be seen almost. ;-)

Yes Harnet-Hargrove, to place them all together gives an even stronger image i think. Thanks for your comment.

Thank you Karin, although i'm not thát fond of insects (but i lóve bumblebees) i find insects very interesting. Not only because of the mostly beautiful patterns and colours, but also because of their behavior. And i've seen a documentary about spiders (brrrrr haha) in which you could see how ingenious hunters they are. And the movie Microcosmos (do you know that movie?) tells me why insects and all little creatures are so special. In that movie you first saw a beautiful little elf/angel so it seems and when the camera zoomed out you notice this elf is a midge. Can you believe it? So stunning. You can see it in the clip of radiohead i play here. (all i need)

Thank you Apollinaire, i love them too. :-) Sweet greetz for you....

Thank you Gewll and welcome. I like you work very, very much!