The mysterious world of MONICA CROESE


Every angel, demon, human, animal or flower i draw

Some years ago, as i was selling my drawings on an artmarket, there was this man who shyly said to me: "Perhaps i'm silly and i sure don't understand art, i'm just a greengrocer, but i like your work and it seems to me that all of your work is a selfportrait." I smiled at him and said that he hit the nail on the head because he was right. I think that every angel, demon, human, animal or flower i draw or paint also is a selfportrait. But isn't that the case with all art and their artists? You always put something from yourself in it. I gave the greengrocer a drawing for free, i'm not a good businesswoman. ;-)

In the drawing 'Black birds' where a woman is placed in the center of it, that's for sure a selfportrait. But all the other creatures on it as well, they are the sorrow, pain, hope and/or love i've felt and feel so deeply in my life. And now some drawings and photographs for you to compare.

Ha! Don't be afraid. The photograph was taken some years ago on a weird party where you had to dress up. Later on i used this image as the center of my black birds drawing.

This photograph was taken two weeks ago by my eldest son. I always think that i'm not photogenic, but this one i like, 'cause i look relaxed and happy. As you can see, my right eye is smaller than the left one. This has to do with the muscle disease i have since three years and when tired or after a lot of exertion my muscles (some) weaken and the right eye is a visible aspect of this. I call it my pathetic or sad eye. I often draw humans or gods with eyes in different sizes, i really don't know why, it has nothing to do with my disease. I did that already before the disease. I think it's fun to see the simularity between photo and drawings.
Dream with one eye open and one eye closed. ;-)


Caio Fern said...

so many right tings on this post !
you're totaly right about selfportraits . serious artists , even when painting a landscape , is painting himself .

i am not a good businnes man too , hahah! i always say that i wouldn't even be able to sell water to people in the midle of the desert .
the first picture of your face was so familiar to me , it is so MOMO LUNA ! i didn't think it scare or even exotic , i think i am too much into your world already !!hahah!
but it is so good to see a normal photo of you . MONICA !! your face is like a face of something , or someone i have knew for hundreds of years . so familiar , so close , i am so happy .
i hate my photos too , i must to say , i am better than the pictures i take fron me , i am totaly not photogenic too .... maybe that is the reason we paint ... we don't trust photos , the way machines or other people see us .
have a great weekend dear Monica Momo Croese Luna .

Manon said...

I'm not a good business girl either.....lol! I love your face, Monica!! I think you look very happy!
Your work is always so amazing and inspiring and i adore the different sizes of eyes in your illustrations.


Yvette said...

Van die ogen was me al heel erg opgevallen...en nu je dat hier zo schrijft leek het of ik het al wist. Wat caio zegt heb ik ook heel sterk...ik ken je al voor eeuwen.

Rachel said...

Meine liebe Monica,

Jeder Mensch ist eine einzigartige Persönlichkeit, du bist wie du bist - einfach wundervoll, als Mensch und als Künstlerin!

das meint herzlichst, Rachel

Momo Luna S!gnals said...

Yes that's what i think also Caio, art is a reflection of your thoughts and feelins.

The first picture of my face it's so MOMO LUNA! Ha, that makes me laugh, tnx. And i am happy to see you into my world and that a NORMAL photo of me (haha makes me lol) makes you happy. You not photogenic??? I disagree at this point with you Caio, but i'm sure you're even better than the pictures, ofcourse you are. It would be fun to see you for real. And yes i draw and paint to show the world my deepest self that cannot be catched by photos or movies.
Thanks again for making me laugh and smile dear friend.

I think most artists aren't good at business haha. Thank you for your sweet comment lovely Manon.

Jij voelt ook vanaf het begin al heel vertrouwd lieve Yvette. Wonderlijk hè dat je dat soms kunt hebben met mensen.

Danke Rachel, your comments always make my heart glow. You are a wonderful, sweet and caring woman who can touch people with your poetical words.

Sharmon Davidson said...

Yes, I agree; at the deepest level, we all paint ourselves, no matter what we paint. The drawing to the right of your photo really does look like you- beautiful!

Momo Luna S!gnals said...

Thanks for commenting Sharmon. Yes, it amazes me how much the drawing looks like me, because the drawing is a few years old and the photograph was taken 2 weeks ago, :-)

Aleks said...
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Aleks said...

He nou,ik probeer al half uur een bericht achter te laten maar het lukt niet, grrrrr....en nou ben ik te moe,veel pin vandaag dus ik zal andere keer komen,doeg!Ik had zo een mooie bericht geschreven,
ik vind je 2 photo prachtig! Doeg,doeg!