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All good things

Isn't blogging fun? I love it; to write, to post my art, to visit other blogs that inspires me, to read all sweet, wise, supportive comments. To receive a comment from you is always like a little present for me. It certainly makes my day, feeling happy. Last week all good things came my direction, that is related with blogging.

First of all: the book The pictorial consequence of Caio Fernandes arrived. Wow! this made me very happy. At first i had difficulties with ordering, but Blurb mailed me directly their advice and that worked. And i got the book sooner than i (impatiently) hoped for. Than the book itself: i had high expectations, but this beautiful book was even more than i could imagine. I turned page after page and noticed i was holding my breath. I am a fan of Caio's work, but to see all his work together in a book overwhelmed me. You're so right Caio: the internet doesn't do justice for your work. I was amazed by all the beautiful colors in your paintings. Colors that i didn't notice on the net. And your blue is far more deeper and intenser than i thought. I only can imagine how intense and emotional it must be standing in front of your work. I'm sure that will take my breath away. I really hope that some day i have this chance; to see your amazing work for real. But i am very, very happy with the book!

Second: i had the trade post, maybe you remember? Three cards i had to offer for some other pearls. And three lovely people were happy to trade with me. I had my packets waiting to travel to their new homes (your packet is now on the way Yvette) and i received some nice packets back.

William Michaelian traded my card The torch for his book No time to cut my hair. His book also arrived last week. I already have (read) his book The painting of you. A beautiful story about his relationship with his mother, which is moving and humorous also. The William Michaelian humour which i like a lot. And his book winter poems; beautiful painted images thru even more beautiful words. So you can guess i am very happy with this new book. I'll read it very s l o w e l y because with his work i always find it a pity when it's finished. The photograph on the cover from this book; a little William with his grandfather, is sweet. Nice hours reading this book is what i'm looking forward to.

As i visited the blog of Ria for the first time i was intruiged. A strong woman who is surviving two cancers and translates this process, this journey into strong images and words. I love her art a lot in which you also can find the influence of Frida Kahlo. The transformations of the women on wellknown famous paintings is very ingenious. Visit her blog and you know what i'm talking about. She traded my Wild lady for three of her cards which pleases me a lot. They have find a good place between other cards, little statues etc. which are close to my heart. These cards she has submitted for the Book about death exposition in New York. You now also can collect them at the same kind of exposition in Sao Paul, Brasil and (soon) Scotland i think. More information on Ria's blog.

The third trade with sweet Yvette is on it's way to her home. :-) This trading project is such fun! There will be following more soon.

If that wasn't enough i received another parcel. As i wrote before; i won a beautiful brooch from Whitney- Anne. It came with a sweet postcard, was packaged in soft blotting paper, in a heartshaped box that smelled like sweet soap. Very lovely and i'm happy with it. It's fun to wear this lovely brooch. Thank you Whitney.

And to make me feel even more like a birthday girl (it's not my birthday yet): last week i also received my new book; Momo Luna's organic world. William is the first one to have seen it. :-) I'll post more information later. And today i received new passe-partouts for my drawings. Great! Ánd the postcards i've printed from my drawing The beginning. They look wonderful i think. :-)

Another happy thing: I'm working on a mandala, because Shana Goetsch has asked me to join the Art that circles the eart project. I love her art, so i decided to join. So exciting.

And last but not least: i am trading a drawing from me and some other surprises (i cannot blab yet) for the painting Holland dreams by Brian of Inkpunk artworks. Isn't that great? I love this painting a lot. And that it is painted with memories of Holland is such a nice circle.

You should see me glowing with happiness these days. And to complete this happiness: spring is showing a tiny, tiny bit of her face the last two days.

Since i've been very, very busy lately, i haven't had the chance to visit all my favourite blogs. But one of these days i'll pop up again, don't worry. ;-)

The beginning * Double card


jbkrost said...

I wanna trade somthing!!!
happy birthday

Momo Luna said...

Hi JB,
tnx for the congrats, but it isn't my birthday yet. ;-) I felt like a birthday girl because of all those happy things coming my way. I would love to trade something with you! Drop me a mail: momolunasignals@live.nl
I'm sure we can work some things out.

Tnx for dropping by, sweet greetz for you!

Caio Fernandes said...

hahahah!! MOMO LUNA for blog's ambassador !!
you're really active Luna !
and it all is so cool !!!!
god ..i feel so lame do not trading nothing now !! hahahah!!
ohh , good that you really liked this book . i can rest in peace now .
i know all people you're trading things and follow their blogs ( smal world ) exept Ria .
her work seems to be so beautiful . i want to know it now . NOW !!

thank you for all Luna !!
you're a bless !!

Manon Doyle said...

Great post, Monica!! I got Caio's book a few days ago and it's terrific!! I just love it!!

RUDHI - Chance said...

Well, I have not yet Caio's book, but the four of William; so I learn English very well... Ah, Hippie-Girl! A'dam even today is the only town, I could live for a while...

William Michaelian said...

This is wonderful, Momo Luna, and so are you. Thanks for your kind words — and the other links are great!

kathrin said...

yes my dear, blogging is nice, thats true. hugh Kathrin

Inkpunk Artworks said...


I love the idea of art that circles the earth! It's a tiny little globe that we live on and blogging is a perfect way to meet and share with other kind souls.
I used to feel the same way about holding my artwork close and never letting it go, but that has changed over the years. A nice painting/drawing is like a song- it should be made available to all.

Don't worry, mail goes out tomorrow!


ria said...

What a great post Monica, I loved reading about the other pieces. I framed the Wild Lady-with plenty of freedom for her to stay wild ;)-and gave her a place on my wall here. I hope to do it again soon! Thx for the shout-out! Nice meeting you Caio!

Momo Luna said...

LOL Caio, i haven't enough time for beig a blog ambassador. And you know you're not lame. Yes, Ria's work is very beautiful indeed. I thank you, dear friend.

Tnx Manon, yes Caio's book was even better than i could imagine. :-)

Hi Ruhdi, ich kann dir Caio's book sehr empfehlen (i hope this is the right word)
Williams books are so great, never enough his words. I now have three books of him, want to buy another one soon. I want them all haha.
I was/am a hippy punk girl. Kinda Siouxsie when i was younger. Now (at 50) i still have my hair in black and intense red. ;-) I don't know if Amsterdam (even today) is a nice place to live. Holland got more and more intolerant. :-(

William, I'm glad you like the other links. How could i not be kind to you? :-)

Hugs for you Kathrin.

Hi Brian, so nice to read a comment from you.
Yes, the art that circles the eart project is great! I'm so glad that i can join this project. I think it's a great feeling, knowing your work is in another home where people enjoy it.
I'm looking forward to your mail. I'll mail your parcel monday. :-)

Hi lieve Ria,
so nice to read about the Wild Lady finding her new home. Yes, there certainly will be a next round. It's such fun.

Sharon Lafferty said...

I am happy for you!

and I am happy for me that you introduced here all these other wonderful artists to visit.

Have a wonderful day ...

Momo Luna said...

So sweet of you Sharon, to be happy for me. :-) And yes all the other artists are worth a visit. :-D
Have a nice thursday tomorrow.....