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Brian Sylvester from Inkpunk artworks

Singular Ocular#2 * Brian Sylvester

Brian from Inkpunk artworks wrote about a good mail day after receiving a package from me. Today was a good mail day for me because i received a package from Brian. One that made me very happy! When opening the package i was so amazed about what's in it. First of all his painting <-Holland dreams, which he painted some years ago as a remembrance of Holland where Brian lived and worked for awhile. He thought it would be the perfect painting to trade and i couldn't agree more. I love the idea of it, that after some years the painting finds a home in the country where Brain was inspired to paint this one. When holding the painting in my hands i was touched. Such an unique feeling to hold a painting you love in your own hands. I will cherish this painting and it will have a good place on my wall. I was so surprised that Brian had send another small painting: Singular Ocular #2, with it's bright colours that reminds me of spring. Beautiful! You are so generous Brian, thank you dear friend! And if that wasn't enough the package holds more surprises, three watercoloured cards. Two were unfinished, Brian thought that my eldest son Chris and i would have fun by finishing these cards. So thoughtful, Chris was glowing with joy. We sure will finish one card, the other two were good, i wouldn't dare to draw over them. Then there were some Inkpunk printed cards and namecards. I will spread them Brian to let people know about your art. And there was also a little guirlande with Tibetan happy wish flags. Oh my am i a lucky girl or not? This made my day! Check out Brians blog where you can find his wonderful art and thoughts, it's worthwhile. His work is bright, (sometimes) humorous and with a punky feel i think. There is also his Etsy shop where you can buy his art.

Thank you Brian for making my day!


Caio Fernandes said...

yes you are a very lucky girl .
BRIAN HAS A VERY AUTHENTIC STYLE . i like the new production of him . Singular Ocular is very cool .

see you Luna .
kisses .

William Michaelian said...

Great! The art exchange party continues....

Momo Luna said...

Yes, Caio i love his bright style. I agree with you: Singular Ocular is absolute very cool!

Momo Luna said...

So it is William. :-)

Rachel said...

Liebste Monica,

uns so weitet sich der Raum des Blickes ...

ich wünsche dir ein wunderschönes, sonniges Wochenende

Herzlichst, Rachel

yvette said...

Monica...wat zal mijn ruilobject er schril bij afsteken...als je het niet mooi vindt zeg je het echt hè.
Deze man is zo authentiek...geweldig!
Elke dag krijgt jouw kaart een aai!


Momo Luna said...

Tnx liebe Rachel für dieser sehr schöne Worte! The start of my weekend is relaxed but not so sunny. I wish you also a great weekend!

Momo Luna said...

Lieve yvette,
zoals ik je ook al mailde, niet zo gek doen hoor! Ik heb je pakketje ontvangen en ben er zeer blij mee! Vanaond schrijf ik er een post over.
Yes, the art of Brian is very authentic, i'm happy that you like it. (for Brian: geweldig means: Awesome!) ;-)

I am happy sweet Yvette that you caresse my card every day. :-D
Hugs and xxx for you!

JRonson said...

I saw this one on his blog, it's one of my favorites, very minimalist.

in response of your comment, i think i've great experience now 'cause i draw everyday without a exception and I study a lot about art :) i'm waintin to see more new works from you, x)

Momo Luna said...

Yes, there's a new post with more of the minimalist paintings. I love it also a lot. So i am happy to have one for real. And Holland dreams is hanging on my wall now and it touches me everytime i look at it.

To draw everyday is good, excercise does a lot. And studiyng art is good for forming your own ideas and visions about art. I try to draw everyday but with two kids that isn't always possible. When they were younger i couldn't paint, you need space and rest to paint, that was difficult then. But i always kept drawing and that kept me sane. And it improved my drawing style. Nowadays i try to pick up painting again.
New work is on it's way. :-)