The mysterious world of MONICA CROESE




Caio Fernandes said...

i liked so much that red area !!
very good work .

Strange organic worlds . seems to be really good !! is this new ?

Rachel said...

Liebste Monica,

Ein tolles Bild! Ein Zukunftsbild könnte man Meinen, Die Welt, sterben Menschen, ES SIE Werden Immer gewaltbereiter - ja vielleicht Dann Auch So Wie Du vermagst auszudrücken ...

Links liegt Caioschatz Das Datum, es ist neu .... lächel ...

Liebe Monica,
für dich EINEN schönen Frühlingsbeginn ...

Herzlichst, Rachel

yvette said...


Leni said...

thanks for visiting my blog;)) i really like Your work.

Momo Luna said...

Oh how impolite of me, i didn't answer your comments. :-s
Yes this is a new drawing Caio (grins about the comment of Rachel) I love strange worlds but that's obvious i think.

Liebe Rachel,
an image for the future (i hope not)but i like that you say that, because i like to mix images from the past with future images. I thought about old Egyptian times when drawing this. Strange enough that old Egyptian feeling pops up once in a while. I enjoy spring a lot, i hope you do the same.

LOL Yvette

Thank you Leni and welcome.

Momo Luna said...

I wanna ask the people who upload comments here and on my secrets blog in japanese or chinese alphabet not to do that. Sorry, but i can't read that, i don't understand it and i'm a bit afraid that this might be some kind of virus or something.
So please, don't. Thank you!

ALeks said...

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