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I've got a sun in me

I always have to take some distance after finishing a drawing or painting. When i'm working on it i think it's great (after some struggles etc), when it's finished i most of the time think it's crap. Then i let it rest for a day or two. After the rest (distance) i can look at it again and can appreciate what i have done. Some more than other but i think all artists know what i mean. And if the piece after the rest still looks like crap i paint it over or throw it away.
This drawing i found too neat after finishing it. The lady too sweet, but now after the rest i can appreciate it. But this one isn't love at first sight haha.

May your dreams not be too sweet!


Caio Fernandes said...

yes , i know very well what you're talking about .
and you are totaly right for doing this .
distance gives a better discernment .
i like to "live ' with the works for a while too . after a week i get exausted to look at this . and is when i am read for another one .

wowMonica !1
you have posted so many things these days !!
i am going to check out all now .

and that problem i told you about the acess the profile . is over . i can come easily .

kisses .

Momo Luna said...

Yes, Caio, i'm glad you can visit again. The profile wasn't on for some reason, so i've changed it.
I'm happy you're back!

William Michaelian said...

Ah, I love that — “May your dreams not be too sweet.” Understood. And we’ll see what this lady has to say a year or two from now, after she’s had a few more dreams of her own....

jbkrost said...

this is great....
I like the less defined background, then the sharp,clear foreground.....
I know what you mean about waiting, I still have three paintings in my studio (still waiting)

ALeks said...

Oh I just wanted to say something clever,but Im out of words.....
I can not recall if I ever have had a sweet dream...but I like your drawing cause of your translation of lines and colours.Bye.....

Anonymous said...

I love this!

Denise Scaramai said...

very beautiful painting!
good composition, colors and above all very encouraging and positive!
its "fight aesthetics has resulted in a great job!

Inkpunk Artworks said...

Don't worry, I know not what "sweet dreams" means!
I love the colors and the layering of this one, and I agree with you about the process of putting something aside. A new sense of clarity always results.
Have a great weekend!

Rachel said...

LIEBE Monica,

glaub mir, so geht es mir mit Meinen Gedichten Auch, einst Ihr gefällt es mir, Dann überhaupt NICHT MEHR, ES Dann stelle ich warte und Ein AUF DIE Reaktionen, lach ...

Aber, dass. du die Sonne in dir hast, Das weiß ich genau!!

ich drück dich fest und lieb,

Herzlich, Rachel

Pixel Wild Child said...

I am with you, it is better to give some time to our works because our perceptions can vary so much when we see them after some hours/days :O)

Loli Martinez said...

I understand your words, work transmits light and inner strength.
Serene .Congratulations.
A kiss

JRonson said...

Your style of drawing r just .. just you, i think i never saw everyone with this style, i love it, it' like geometric cubism :)

Martine said...

I know far to well what you mean.

Quase Blog da Li said...

Y know very well what you're talking about!

This lady is not so sweet.
This thoughtful,
very good!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the comment:) love this cat woman- very Mona Lisa.

Momo Luna said...

Ha William, it doesn't surprise me that you like the not too sweet dreams. I like what you say about the lady and her future dreams.

Thank you JB, i am happy you like this one. Yes (sigh) three paintings are waiting also here at my palce, sometimes whispering, sometimes screaming to get noticed. But i don't forget them. When it's time.....

Dank je lieve ALeks, your comment makes me think, i don't know if i ever had a sweet dream either. I once had a very weird, a bit scary, lucid dream. When i woke up from it i felt utterly happy. How strange is that?

Thank you Joni James.

I like that Denise, about the fight aesthetics. Thank you for your nice comment. Kisses back!

Ah Brian, a fellow dreamer without sweet dreams. :-D Hmmm perhaps i should wish for you 1 wonderful, sweet dream then.(only if you like that ofcourse) Yeah and your right about the new sense of clarity. Wonderful said. Enjoy your week!

Liebe Rachel,
i can imagine that creating with words follows the same process as creating with colours. :-) And yes i agree, reactions of others can help understand and accept what you just created.
You are so sweet to write that you know that i've got a sun in me. :-D But hey, you recognize this as twin sun sister i think. Because you always shine and bring warmth like the sun. You really do. xxx

You are so right Wild child. Thank you for commenting.

Thank you Loli, so well put: work transmits light and inner strength. Beautiful! And true.

Thank you so much JRonson for such a wonderful comment. It's a compliment that makes me happy. I find it intersting what you say about the geometric cubism. I never saw it this way, but i now understand what you mean. Tnx again.

The process of creating Martine is wonderful and a struggle at the same time. Thank you.

Thank you Li. After some days i now think she isn't too sweet anymore. I like the shadow on the right side of her face, almost like a beard or something. :-)

Your welcome JM. I'm surprised that you mention Mona Lisa and it strucks me, 'cause i now see what you mean. It strucks me because Mona Lisa is kind of a thread running thru my life, she pops when i don't expect it, and sometimes i am much aware of her and her inspiration. This time i was unaware and you brought her up. :-)

Jean said...

" I've got a sun in me ."

Oui , vous avez le soleil en vous !
Grâce au traducteur ,j'ai pu lire plusieurs pages de votre blog .
Vous aimez tout le monde ...mais nous aussi , nous vous aimons .

SKIZO said...