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We live in a beautiful world

Because of the heart-rending week and still not feeling well, I have to clear the dark clouds in my head and to get rid of the stones in my stomach. I feel i have to turn the darkness into something good. So i have made the following painting and it's the beginning of a new series: We live in a beautiful world; the pain of growing-up.  To make clear; this isn't the boy i was writing about......


Caio Fern said...

good to know you are reacting so well to all this . i meesed the last post when you tell all....
i m going to check....
but see you with a positive attitude is priceless... you deserve so much to live well....you have this golden heart and everything is going to be fine , just fight for it. spiritual fights.

this is a very good work .


Jasmine said...

Such sad news Momo. There is nothing I can say that will make it better. Just know that I am thinking of you and your son right now xxJ

nouvelles couleurs - vienna atelier said...

MOMO, I think anyway this your new serie will be good for you and for your attidute, belive me

the paint is so nice, "growing up" a difficoult serie but is very godd

kiss my dear friend

renilde said...

My dear Monica, reading your previous post made me quiet and sad, it's very confusing indeed, hard to understand. While i love to live, what is it that make boys and girls, man and woman decide they do not want to live anymore. Very deep pain, rooting in a feeling of being disconnected from everyone and everything, an unbearable loneliness?? Questions....thoughts... I'm glad you are able to draw, that you find a way to cope, I think of you and your son and send you my love.
The pastel drawing is deeply moving, the vulnerability shining through the indifference, you captured it delicately.
Take good care X

Crissant said...

Dear Momo, i don´t know what is happening but hope is everything ok with you.
This is a powerfull painting, to grow up really hurts and it never ends.

All the best!

Two Tigers said...

Dear Momo, this is a beautiful work, and a beautiful attitude behind it, to make something good out of something so sad. I read your story of the lost boy and it made me very sad indeed. In a way I understand feeling that there is no reason to keep on living, I think we all have moments visiting this dark place, but we can find something to give us faith that waking up to another day, for better or worse, is still better than never waking up ever again. I can see the fear and doubt in the eyes of this young man you have depicted. There are so many like him! Perhaps if we all tell each other it's okay to feel fear and doubt, and be weak, and imperfect, and know you can still be loved and needed, fewer good people will find themselves with no other choice but to cease living. Thank you for your moving post about the lost boy, and thank you for this artwork! All my love to you.

SKIZO said...


Martine said...

we live in a beautiful world.......... dat vertel ik mezelf iedere dag en positief als ik ben, toch kan ik de donkerte ook niet uitsluiten. Momenteel kan ik heel goed met met je meevoelen Monica maar ondanks alles................. we live in a beautiful world.

Harry Kent said...

Thank you for the deeply moving account in 'heart-rending'.

Such loss leaves us speechless, not just in words but in the heart too. So many feelings and thoughts that the heart can't cope and falls into silence.

So your life-affirming response breaks this silence and answers back to the darkness.

Gabriella expressed it so well - it's OK to be imperfect, to be damaged, to muddle through - to be human. This too is beautiful, part of the world's beauty.

A tender, reflective portrait of the vulnerability of youth, from your tender and reflective heart. You, and your art, are one of things that makes life beautiful, Monica

Gary L. Everest Paintings said...

Hi Monica,
I really like how you have turned the darkness into light. Keep up the good fight Monica, especially for your son.
At times like this, words seem inadequate, yet offer hope, caring and help to heal life's wounds. Crazy, no?
As one of your friends from around the world, here is a big hug.

Anonymous said...

your painting is beautiful.
sending love.. xx

Momo Luna said...

Dear Caio,
thank you so very much for your sweet comment. What was happening don't need a fight, but a place where it can be safe and accepted. And this is happening already....

Thank you dear Jasmine,
your comment means a lot to me. A lot! The school also takes good care of my son.

I sure believe you sweet Laura! :-) And you're right it does help to deal with it a lot.
Hugs and kisses for you dear friend.

Momo Luna said...

Dear Renilde,
thank you for your nice comment and love. It feels good, thank you. This Easter we had a wonderful time amongst family, that also helps.
Hugs and kisses!

Dear Crissant,
i'm fine thank you. I was worried about my eldest son who experienced a dark tragedy in his young life. If you click 'heart-rending' you can read about it if you want to.
Tnx for your concern and sweet comment.

Sweet Gabriella,
yes, you're so right. I also think everybody know about this dark place. I also explained Chris, that in your puberty, you can experience the highest feeling good and the lowest feeling down in such an intense way because of the hormons. It breaks my heart still, thinking about this guy who didn't feel/see the light at the end, that he already at such young age felt so very desperate. And yes, there are so many in this world that feels this way too.
Thank you sweet friend for your love and support.
Hugs and kisses!

Momo Luna said...

Thank you Skizo! :-)

Lieve Martine,
ja iedereen kent ook de donkerte. Zonder donker geen licht. Maar dat zo een jong mens al zo'n zware last meedroeg dat hij het licht niet meer kon ervaren breekt mijn hart.
Lieve groet en knuffels!

Momo Luna said...

Dear Harry,
reading your kind, sweet comment brought tears in my eyes.
I also let my boys know that's okay to be imperfect, to make mistakes, because we all do and it brings growth. Perfect is boring i always say.
Thank you, i'm happy that you are my friend.
Sweet greetz and a huge hug!

Dear Gary,
yes, i felt the only way to fight the darkness that was in my heart was to turn it into something good.
Yes, i talk a lot with my son(s) and the school also offers all kind of help.
Thank you for your comment and friendship. I'm happy to call you my friend. :-)
Sweet greetz and a hug!

Momo Luna said...

Thank you so very much Green Whisper. I appreciate your comment a lot.

heraclio said...

Hoi Monica,

Ik wist niet dat je ook op kranten papier schildert...heb afgelopen winter in Pattaya ook weer veel op Bangkok Post papier gekliedert...

Leuke tekening trouwens,

Gr@ Hans

erin said...

what a very special boy. i can't help but wonder where is mind wanders, what he worries about. his long neck makes him seem more vulnerable. i would want to be his friend to learn from him. i think he watches things slowly. he allows me hope.

i was asking robert just this yesterday, how to turn darkness or negativity into light. it takes great practice and patience, it seems.


erin said...

to your heart-rending post i say perhaps we are all only a hair's width away from such feelings of needing love; only a hair's width away. and so it is so necessary for us to hold one another.

love to you and your son
and the boy's family of course.


Sheilla Liz said...

Incrível pintura! Felicidades mil!