The mysterious world of MONICA CROESE


I feel emptyhanded. The next day i was silent. This is real....

I am always curious which spirits turn up as i draw on my holidays. I drawed the next figures when i was on holidays in Limburg, the south of the Netherlands.

Just a dream i  feel
The emptyhanded hunter

Until the next day
This is real


renilde said...

there's always something in every piece you make that graps me,that keeps me looking, and there's always that red as if you draw with your own blood and not a crayon, which gives your work also a certain vulnerability to me.
you were pretty inspired during your stay in Limburg :) so nice , xx

Crissant said...

Oh yes, that is pretty touching and real!
Love to you, dear Monica.

Willy. said...

Only because you tell us "this is real" i can feel the vibrated silence!
Every piece is a statement!
Fine imagination mixed with real live.

paulo vieira said...

muito bons, como sempre! abç!

paulo vieira

Nevine Sultan said...

Monica, I have so missed the raw beauty of your artwork. What a feast for the senses you offer... and you never disappoint. I hope you all is well in your world.

Warm hugs,

Steppenwolf said...

wonderful stuff - such a strong narrative and beautifully crafted imagery

Victoria said...

Deeply beautiful and mesmerizing to watch the journey unfold through your words..alongside this beautiful visual poetry! the pale reds are hypnotic and yet also gentle!

Harnett-Hargrove said...

Your limited palette make your work so potent. -xo

SKIZO said...


will-Art said...

Superb work!

Caio Fern said...

great, I liked the portrait a lot.