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I got some mail in which friends pointed out that leaving a comment wasn't possible. I do love comments so it's a pity that not everyone can comment on my posts. So i have changed some set ups. Now anonymus comments are also possible: for those who haven't a blogger account. I would appreciate it if you leave your name in the comment though. :-) And instead of placing the comments under the post i've changed it into a pop-up. I hope it will work out now for everyone. Please, let me know if you can't comment on my blog by sending me a mail.


miz katie said...

Oh, yes! The popup menu works in Firefox. Thanks so much for making the changes. Sorry that I couldn't comment before.

Anonymous said...

Yay! I can comment :D

Love, love, loooove your blog by the way!



Momo Luna said...

That wasn't your fault Miz katie ;-) I'm glad you can comment now.

Hi there my dearest Angela. I am so happy to see your comment here. :-D
Love <3 and X