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Keep you from sleep

I'm so happy! Today i started three beginnings for new paintings. And i was very content with it. I always draw, but i hadn't paint for a long time. Somehow it didn't work. That frustrated me so much. I need to paint, it makes me happy. So that's why..... I photographed one unfinished painting and used it to edit it further more on the computer for my graphic work. And there she is, a new icon. 'Keep you from sleep' i call it, although i also came up with 'i don't wanne be a pretty baby'. But i can use them both i suppose. I will upload the (still unfinished) paintings soon also.

As my love saw this image he asked me if it was Michael jackson. :-S That bothered me. A lot haha. Perhaps he thought it because of the overkill of M.J. images, videos etc. lately. And i have to admit there is some resemblance perhaps. But no, it's not him, it's a restless woman who doesn't wanna be the pretty baby the media tries to force us to believe as the only truth about beauty.

Sunday july 5: I loved my new 'no-baby' icon a lot, but since the association of my hubby something changed. My love has cooled down. ; -) But hey that's life.
Please, tell me what you think of her, who keeps you from sleep?


Anonymous said...

Well, she may not be your ordinary pretty baby but I think she's quite tantalizing in a way which puts all the regular pretty babies to shame. :)

Who keeps me from sleep? The male version of this beauty. :D

Anonymous said...

Oh, sorry, that was me.


Momo Luna said...

Tnx lovely one, i think she's also beautiful in her dark way.
The male version? Hmmm i have some names in mind. :-D

Engel said...

Love her expression <3

Jean said...

Les yeux noirs, les bras en arrière, comme attachés dans le dos ..., tout ce rouge...

Je ne vois pas une femme heureuse, je vois une prisonnière .

Nadege said...

This image does look like Michael
Jackson, including the inner pain,
caused by inner turmoil and outer
envy & vindictiveness.

Momo Luna said...

Merci Jean for your comment, i don't know if she's unhappy or not. But yes she's struggling with inner conflicts. And perhaps these conflicts are making her a prisoner. But she's strong enough to free herself (one day) :-)

Hello Nadege and welcome,
i can see there is some resemblance with Michael yes. The first time my love pointed this out it bothered me a lot. but now i'm at peace with it. She, who keeps you from sleep has many faces i think and i like the interpretations of everyone who looks at her. I like your explanation about the inner pain etc....
Sweet greetz!