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Holidays and the beginning of a painting

Tomorrow i'm leaving to France for my holidays. I'm looking forward to make beachwalks, swimming in the Atlantic Ocean, wandering thru old villages, eating croissants, ansjofish and french cheese, drinking red wine while watching the sinking sun and to draw, draw and even more draw 'cause now i have enough time. :-)
I will be away for two weeks or so. Take care you all and enjoy what you're doing....

I leave you with an unfinished painting i started. I paint this after one of my favourite drawings: a little girl, so old in her shoes. I hope to finish it soon enough when i'm home again.

See you.....


kenflett said...

strong beautiful painting.
Your like Caio, you spit them out with love, anger, sadness, and passion.

ria said...

Hey Momo Luna, I thought I'd drop by here to find you're off to France...I love the little girl painting and I'm looking forward to see what will become of her ;-)I like the small poem that accompanies your profile-I find it fascinating. Something tells me we might speak Dutch together ;-) But for now, bon voyage, mon amie! Et à bientôt!

Jean said...

J'aime cette peinture .
Elle exprime une forme de vie .

Caio Fernandes said...

this painting is really thouching . and the colours you chose are wonderfull !!

Caio Fernandes said...

always like , when i come here , to read that little poem under the picture of the profile .
have a nice trip ...
hope to see you soon posting again !!!

CLsT said...

Hello Momo
I like your work!! You're a great artist...


Hammelinn said...

for visiting
my blog.
your blog is very good.
I like the drawings

Fede Hammelinn

Momo Luna said...

I want to thank everyone for their nice comments. It certainly inspires me to paint more (again).

Such nice words Ken, i appreciate it a lot. I admire the work of Caio a lot so i'm honoured. I certainly recognize the passion in his work that feels so known. :-)

Hi Ria,
i hope to finish this painting in two weeks or so. The small poem are the first lines of a lyric i wrote. I'll place the whole lyric here soon.
Je mag natuurlijk ook altijd in het Nederlands reageren hoor. Soms is het makkelijker je gevoelens enz. te verwoorden in je moerstaal. Tenminste vind ik. Ook al gaat het Engels me redelijk goed af. ;-)

Merci Jean et bienvenue a ma blog.

Hi there dear Caio, thanks again for you sweet comment. As i also wrote to Ria, the little poem are the first lines of a lyric i wrote.
A hug for you!

Hello CLsT: welcom on my blog and thank you for your nice comment, you make me blush. :-)

You're welcome Fede, i'm glad you like my drawings. :-)

Sweet greetz to y'all!

bondearte said...

It was very good
Congratulations Momo Luna

Anonymous said...

Nice Picture! Thank you for visiting my blog.
Jürgen Middelmann