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The girl is back!

Hi there dear readers. I'm back for a week or so but hadn't the drift to log in on my computer at once. My vacation was delicious: lots of sunshine and much to see. Because of that i hadn't that much time i thought i had for drawing. The coast of Normandy is so beautiful with it's chalk-cliffs. And the sea has such an amazing color, so different. I've never seen that color before. A light shiny jade green, and the shallow parts is whitish like watery milk. That looks so wonderful.
I tried to catch it on a photograph with my cellphone but it doesn't look like the real thing. Now i know for sure i buy myself a good camera haha.

And i made a drawing of the sea with this special colors.

Ecoute! Can you hear the sea?
Ink and watercolours on paper; 9 x 10 cm

We also visited the beautiful old roman city Boulogne sur mer with such a wonderful cathedral.

Late in the evening as my three men were asleep i finished the day with drawing by gaslight, listening to the French radio. And one evening i felt a bit alienated and a suddenly homesickness came over me.

Ink and watercolour on paper; 14 x 9 cm.

I started working again this week, next week my two sons are going to school again and then we are back in our old daily rhytm. That's also fine and i'm looking forward to my favourite season: autumn.
I wish you all a great weekend! Sweet greetz and take care......


Caio Fernandes said...

wow , i missed you !! believe or not .
good to have you back !
i liked very much the new profile's picture .
great drawings by the way .
is that you siting in front of the beach ?
you know , your image was always a mistery to me . i was curious ....

again .... it is great to have you back Luna !

see you !!

Momo Luna said...

Hi Caio,
such wonderful, sweet words that makes it more than good to be back. :-)
And yes curious one, that's me on the beach. It was in the late afternoon, begin of the evening. A little bit chilly and rainy, so lots of clothes. ;-)

It's good to be back, reading such nice comments.
Hugs for you!