The mysterious world of MONICA CROESE


Encouragement * Gluttonous desires

Her untamable soul
guided her to dark trails.
She was amazed about
her gluttonous desires.
But dreams can fail.
She'll play no longer
hide and seek.
The dreamer
brutally awakened.
And how she learned
that bleeding
accomplish growth.
That pain
allows her
to be her deepest self.


The Scrybe said...

Hey there, I like this... it's full of resolution... :)

Caio Fernandes said...

hello dear Luna !!
this painting is really diferent , and i liked . all on it .
"that pain allows her to..." i think i knew this in my life .
good to see you honey .
tell the kids to take care with the skate boarding .
see you !!

Caio Fernandes said...

ohh . the part i said "diferent" was about the painting . i liked very much .

Virginia Palomeque said...

Hi, This is amazing painting!!!
I love it.
Thank's for your comments.
Virginia Palomeque

aleph said...

it seems to be a step into deep self understanding. Somehow i find myself in your words, it´s strange. the image is very strong, the red line powerfully electrifies the figure.

Fluitenkruid said...

Wat een verrassing, een nieuwe bezoeker die een reactie achterlaat.
Mooie dingen maak je, je hebt mijn nieuwsgierigheid geprikkeld.
Fijn weekend! groetjes Jannet

jbkrost said...

really like the blog, artwork, and your music selection!! its all good
keep going

yvette said...

momo, wat leuk dat je op mijn blg was en je muziek...super...siouxie geweldig.
Interessant hier, ik kom zeker terug!

Manon Doyle said...

loved this piece! Feels very emotional! The colors are fantastic!

Zappha said...

You speak well in two languages: the visual and the written word. Well done.

LilaCat said...

really good writing and so true...

Karin Bartimole said...

Powerful poem and artwork - well done!! the last line is really something...

Rachel said...

...sehr gut, beides!

Momo Luna said...

Hi Scrybe thank you for your comment. I had to look in the dictionary for the word resolution. ;-)

Hello dear Caio,
actually this isn't a painting. I made a collage and then i painted it over, not with a brush, but on my computer. Another structure perhaps, but i think that this image isn't that difference from my drawings. :-D
If you understand that pain is sometimes neccesary to grow, then you can bare the pain more i think. Although pain remains pain ofcourse.
I always tell my kids to take care, and then they sigh impatiently "yes mom!" and react a bit rebellious haha.

Hi Virginia, thank you for your comment.

You're right Aleph and sometimes this selfunderstanding scares me and paralyzes me. Than i can only (day)dream.....

Hallo Jannet,
leuk dat je hier ook een reactie achterlaat en dat ik je nieuwsgierigheid heb geprikkeld. Je bent altijd welkom hier. :-)

Hi jb, thank you for your nice comment and welcome....

Hallo Yvette en welkom. Ik vind jouw blog ook interssant, ik heb nog nooit iets met vilt gedaan maar het wekt mijn belangstelling zeer. Omdat het er zo prachtig oer uitziet. :-)

Hi Manon,
yeah this is an emotional piece. But most of the time there are emotional layers in my work. I wanted to use intense colors. :-D But nothing beats the beuatiful red you use in your work. :-D

Thank you Zappha for your nice comment. Sometimes i'm not sure if i choose the right words, 'cause english isn't my mothertongue.

Tnx Lilacat and welcome.

Thank you Karin. :-) The last comes from experience and then understanding...

Danke schön Rachel. :-)

Anonymous said...

este está muy bien!

Jasmine said...

Such red wrists for one so young and beautiful. She will smile again?
Beautiful poetry.

Momo Luna said...

Hi there Jasmine,
welcome. Ofcourse she will smile again. Take a good look at her face..... :-)
And thank you.

Karin said...

Ik heb nog niet zoveel van je gezien, alleen deze pagina met wat werken, en ik merk wel dat ook dit werk me weer doet denken aan mezelf, in een ongelukkige heftige periode van mijn leven...

Vreemd he... :)

Liefs, karin

Momo Luna said...

Hoi Karin,
veel van mijn werk bevat donkere stukjes over mijn niet zo gelukkige kindertijd. Waarschijnlijk schilder en teken ik het zo van me af en kan ik het een plekje geven. Maar ik maak niet alleen maar donker en/of verdrietig werk hoor. Vaak zit er ook kracht in en hoop, verlangen en liefde. :-D Ik hoop niet dat mijn werk je verdrietig o.i.d. maakt.

Liefs, Monica