The mysterious world of MONICA CROESE


What's behind closed doors.

Pencil, ink & watercolor 10 x 14 cm


Wenz said...

Mooi herkenbaar, deze. Prachtige titel ook. De menselijke geest en bijbehorende emoties, alleen het topje van de ijsberg laten we zien aan de buitenwereld.

Alexandre Krestiachine said...

Nice work!

Caio Fernandes said...

faces and faces in this ...
it is really good .
again , i liked the colors !!

my computer is too slow , and i am having problems to open this window for comments , not just on your blog but in otheres too , soo i am going to comment the nun 's post here .
i liked very much what you wrote , i met a girl that wnated to go to a monastery as you did .
i liked to see the saints as well . sometimes for similar reasons .
good to read about this . thank you Luna !!

Manon Doyle said...

i really like this piece! The color is terrific! Your work is very impressive!


I love your work Mona Luna!!!
Thank you for your kind words.

bondearte said...

It is a beatiful job!!!
Have a nice day

aleph said...

i´m very impressed with your images, this one is really "inquietante", it works really well with the tittle, besides.

Anonymous said...


moonheart said...
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Momo Luna said...

Hi Wenz,
leuk je reactie hier te lezen. :-) Een late reactie van mij kant terug. Dit thema komt wel vaker terug in mijn werk. Ik duik graag onder om nog meer van de ijsberg te zien.

Thank you Alexandre.

Thank you Caio, i always appreciate your comments. I still follow your blog, but i'm a bit silent at the moment. I'm glad you like the nun story, on the photograph is my aunt. She's past away years ago. Other aunts say that i look like her.

Thank you so much Manon. I feel the same about your work. :-D

Thanks Appolinaire, and the kind words for you are straigth from my heart. I love your poems a lot!

Thank you Bondearte, i hope you enjoy your day as well.

Tnx Aleph, i had to look for the meaning of this intruiging word 'inquietante'but couldn't find it in my dictionairie, but i think i understand what you mean.

I'm glad you like it Rabenflug, thank you and welcome. :-

Anonymous said...

me gusta