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Seele brennt! ~*~ My soul is burning!

I love the music from Einstürzende neubauten. Sehr! The lyrics are so dark, raw, mysterious. I think Blixa Bargeld is a genius with words and performance. I had the luck to see them perform in their early years and it was mindblowing. So the painting is all about Blixa Bargeld.

Seele brennt!

Ich bin die umstürzlerische Liebe
der Gegensex
Jeder Tag kostet mich Wunden
dabei bin ich schon jetzt
zerschunden und völlig blutverschmiert

Du fängst im Taxi an zu heulen
bloss weil ich sage
dass ich bei dem Konsum
in zwei Jahren tot bin
Alle Idole müssen sterben (Lachen)

meine Seele brennt
Ich versteck mich, sitz in meinem Loch
und warte auf die Träume, die mich retten (Kommen nicht)
Liebe ist ein Scheiterhaufenauf dem ich langsam aber sicher
von innen her zum Rand verbrenne

Ich hab gekostet
bin zu weit gegangen
werd den Geschmack nicht los
Vielleicht ist nur entzündet
vielleicht ist nur entzündet, was da brennt
An Stelle meiner Seele
an der Stelle meiner Seele
meine Seele brennt!

Einstürzende neubauten


shana goetsch said...

i saw blixa's name and i came running over (virtually) i saw him with nick cave and the bad seeds. awesome. i will have to check this out.

kenflett said...

Hi Momo, these older raw drawings are all so wonderful, especially like the dragon world. Such a power of passion and energy in them.

Rachel said...

Liebe Monica, Du hast dein Bild zum Text sehr gut getroffen ... wahrlich alle Achtung!

herzlich, Rachel

Caio Fernandes said...

i saw their performance just at the very beguining of the 90's , when they came to Sao Paulo ... i was 15 years old .... but was great . the lirics ... wow , a friend of mine translated all simuntaneisly when we listed the albuns !!
i had another friend that loved then more than anyother band and spent all the time looking to Egon Shiele's book and listening Neubauten , he just spoken in deutsch with us , hahah! . he used to paint self-portraits mixind his face with Egons works .
he must to have died now .

the painting has your power ... i liked the background a lot too !!

Manon Doyle said...

I love your early drawing!! They're wonderful!! I obviously can't understand the lyrics but I'll take your word for it!!

Laura said...

thank you for sharing. so evocative.

Momo Luna said...

Grr stupid computer haha. I had already answered your sweet comments and it's gone. :-( But i noticed a minute ago when an answer of me disappeared that i click too soon and forget to fill in the codewords. :-S

Okay another try:
Hi Shana, i saw Nick cave with the birthday party. Very young he was then and an angry young man. That was exciting. Neubauten were playin at the Shipping Museum in Amsterdam, they performed on a marineship. Very impressive that was. :-) I truly believe Blixa is a genius. Did you see his commercials for a Very funny!

Hi Ken, so glad to see you again. Thank you for your comment, i'm happy you like my older work. Btw i saw on Etsy your handmade books and they are so cool!

Tnx liebe Rachel. :-)

Hi Caio, the lyrics are so great, that's why i consider Blixa a genius haha.
When i saw them perform it was years earlier, ha! i'm an old tart! Lol. I like Schiele's work a lot. And now i'm curious at your friends selfportraits.

Tnx Manon, yes i wouldn't dare to translate the lyrics though. But it's about the pain of love, the dark side.

Thank you Laura....

Momo Luna said...

Oh at Shana: i meant the commercials for Hornbach.

Anonymous said...

Raw like anguish black with hope

Momo Luna said...

I'm glad you see the hope also cso. Even in my darkest work i always put some hope in it.