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~ Schizophrenia~

~The flood~
Don't say i didn't warn you, lol. Two other drawings from long, long time ago. I wasn't even on art school. These drawings aren't good at all, but i now find them moving. Seventeen or so was i when i drawed these. I was a young, shy girl then, struggling with strong problems. A dreamer (i still am) dreaming of better times with less anxiety. I find it moving to see how i then drawed my beloved subjects of love, fear, hope, strange worlds etc. A little bit childish, not on my own yet, but already hit by life.
Don't worry, soon i will post also new paintings, 'cause i am painting a lot these days. Sometimes computercrashes aren't that bad at all. ;-)
Dream about love, dream breathlessly.....


William Michaelian said...

Not good at all? Each is wonderful in its own way, and proves that life can’t really be measured in years, but in experience. And that experience includes what happens in the imagination. Beautiful.

Inés González said...

Muchas gracias Momo por seguir mi blog, enhorabuena por tu trabajo, me ha gustado mucho!
Un saludo desde Madrid

Jasmine said...

I love these pictures. I think they are very good!

Caio Fernandes said...

incredible , your talent was always there ... and i don't thing these works bad at all ... really .
i like your older works ....

Anonymous said...

Love them both,
The Flood is very dynamic...!

yvette said...

Dat waren heel strong problems lieverd!
Maar zo echt weergegeven..iets wat me in jouw werk uberhaupt zo aantrekt.
(sorry als ik je gekwetst heb met de uitspraak op mijn blog...ik twijfel erg of ik 'm weg zal halen)

Eva said...

These paintings are wonderful! I love the honesty of them. You have created something from your heart. I hope you never lose it!

Momo Luna said...

Hi William and thank you,
'not good' is perhaps the wrong expression. I meant that now i would choose for less is more to tell a story. And yes more experienced now, but experience doesn't always mean better. Different, other is maybe a better expression.
Thank you for your comment and sweet greetz for you...

Hello Inés, thank you and welcome.

Thank you Jasmine for your kind comment. :-)

I'm glad you like them Caio! Hug!

Tnx Transcend and welcome. Today i showed my eldest son (13), who also draws, The flood and we talked about it. That was nice 'cause he showed me things i had forfotten. How much details there are, like the dragons you also can see far in the distance, and the city that drowns in the water. He asked me why the women on the dragons pour the water into all that water beneath, it seems so useless. That's because of the fire i said, the dragons set the city on fire while at the same time the woman on the dragon pours water. We both laughed, that's a huge contradiction. :-D But this talk with my son reminded me of all the details.

Dat was het zeker Yvette, en zoals ik al schreef op je blog; je hebt me niet gekwetst hoor. je bent een mooi mens en ik wens je veel sterkte!
Heel veel liefs voor jou.

Thank you Eva for your lovely comment. I think i will never lose that, i only can draw and paint from my heart. But perhaps i have lost (some) innocence and impartiality, but i like to think that that's replaced by more depth.

Renee said...

How I love you my darling.

You are amazing and you were at 17.

Love Renee xoxo

Renee said...

I'm glad that you are in the world with me.


mandine said...

Intéressantes recherches.