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Chris Jarik Dekker

As my eldest son Chris (13 years) saw how i changed some old postcards in a Momo Luna drawing, he got inspired. And started to change an old postcard into his own art.
"Mom, will you upload this on your blog?" he asked me. Ofcourse i will, i am a proud mother. I think he is curious about what the reactions will be, but it worries him also a bit.
"Probably there will be no reactions mom, do you like it?"
Yeah i like it a lot, but i love all the stuff my kids create, like all mothers do right? But Chris is talented i think, he's not afraid of expressing himself in a drawing or painting, he has (some) insight, knows what he's doing...... He draws and paints since he was very little. I told him that i'm happy to post his card, but that i also wanna place a photo of him, and some old stuff he did and that i like a lot. He agreed. So that's why i write this little story about him.
When he was younger, Chris liked to do unusual things and then we had to photograph him. So here are some pictures of it:

Chris painted already when he was younger. The paintings you see from left to right are:
* FIRE* He painted this one when he was about 8 yeard old. The second one is called: Woman in windowpane. He was about 10 then. The last painting is untitled and he painted it some weeks ago. He glued some old cloth on the canvas and started to paint. :-)
Click on the images for a larger view.

And here is the card. I was surprised he picked an old card about a Marlene Dietrich movie: The devil is a woman. He changed it into his own art. He asked me to explain that he gave her the tail of a demon but the hat of a clown. He teared up the bottom a bit as if it had been burned by the flames.


Manon Doyle said...

Wow!! Chris is talented just like mom!! Tell Chris he is very creative and has a wonderful imagination....... a terrific young artist!! Love the childhood pics.

Liz.Blog said...

These are just Great!!!!!!Very creative talented artist!

yvette said...

Chris echt je maakt hele heftige en gave kunst.
Je moeder vindt je byzonder maar dat ben je ook echt.
Je gaat toch zeker wel de kunstakademie doen hè?

(wil je je moeder dit adres geven...ateliertovke@yahoo.com)

Elisabeth said...

No wonder you're proud, Momo. Chris takes after his mum alright. The postcard is superb. Please tell him so from me, all the way away in Australia.

I'm most impressed by Chris's capacity to provide structure, to build upon images and to break down neatness and predictability into ragged edges.

The devil's tail and the face of a clown on Marlene Dietrich are inspirational. The meaning is so layered here.

Chris has a wise head on his shoulders and an artist's sensibility.

Thank you Momo and Chris for this first public exhibition of Chris's work.

We shall see more of him in the future, I'm sure.

Rachel said...

Liebste Monica,

dein großer Stolz ist berechtigt! Gut, dass du erkannt hast, war in IHM steckt.
Dein Chris MUSS einfach weiter machen, gefördert werden!

Sehr gern hab ich es angeschaut!!

Herzlichst, Rachel

Caio Fernandes said...

but this card is fantastic !!
hey , the fire idea is very cool !!
i feel i little bit of Momo Luna aesthetical influence ;)
must to be wonderful having a momy like you !
and ... how does he know so well women being so young ! hahahh!! great !

jbkrost said...

looks like there's another atrist in the family!!
pretty soon your paints and markers are going to disapear.

William Michaelian said...

Ah, this is wonderful. When people see your window from the street, little do they know there are geniuses inside!

Annie said...

De appel valt nooit ver van de boom:-) En gaat Chris een kunstrichting volgen? Groetjes.

Momo Luna said...

To all: thank you so much for all the lovely comments, Chris was glowing. At the moment i'm very busy,busy, running behind myself and the facts. ;-) This evening i hope to have some time to answer you all properly and to visit your blogs again. And this evening i'll sending some mails too.
Hope you undserstand. Sweet greetz and enjoy your week!

Momo Luna

whitney-anne said...

This is cool stuff - love the photos of Chris doing strange things. And hasn't he captured the essence of Malrene Dietrich? Most kids by his age are too scared of getting it wrong to take a chance on adoing anything really free in art. Well done Chris and well done for being creative supportive parents!!

Momo Luna said...

Thank you Whitney-Anne.

On behalf of Chris i wanna thank you all for the kind and supportive comments, Chris is very happy with it and i can see he grows from it. :-D

Sharon Lafferty said...

Love this post! Your Chris is very talented like his Mom :)

I love the art of children. In our National Gallery, along a corridor off the great hall, they display art the kids create during their weekend workshops. I always smile, and am often in awe of what I see there.

Please tell Chris to keep creating, and thank you both for sharing!

Momo Luna said...

Hi Sharon,
yes i also love the art of children a lot. Because they are pure and aren't concerned about 'artrules'yet. I'll show Chris this comment, it will please him. He's in a difficult age now, sometimes he's a bit ashamed as his friends visit and he's drawing or something like that. He doesn't know if they think that's cool, and at his age you wanna be cool. Today he made a beautiful view box (don't know if this is the right word) where you can watch thru a spy-hole. He made a Egyptian tomb. I hope he'll understand that creating is very cool!
Tnx a lot for your lovely comment.