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Selling my soul? Or these mind pearls are worth every dime.

As i mentioned before i am not a business woman. And that's okay 'cause i don't wanna be one. I think most artists find it difficult to sell their art. How can you ask for your art, representing glimpses of your soul, hard cash, nickle dimes or how it is called in the english language. ;-) But what makes the world keep going? Money. And money is dirty they say, poison for the soul. Perhaps, but it's handy when you have to pay the rent.

I used to give my art away for free or trade it for a good meal or music in the form of an elpee. Yeah, that long ago haha. I was a performer and played in different bands and when we had performances that included also a meal, some drinks and a little bit cash. It was great fun and i could manage, so that was alright. But then i became a mother of 2 darling sons and my love and i had to live a more regular life, we needed a more regular income as well. So we had to find a 'normal' job and we did succeed. That was a career switch for me, that turned out to be great because i could also start a study and now i am an occupational therapist in a nursing home. Becoming ill (a chronical muscle disease) was the reason i had to stop working fulltime. Then my hubby loosed his job and for being 52, no diploma's (he's a musician) it's hard to find a new job. And the rent has to be payed, the kids are growing up. So i am thinking of ways to make some extra cash and what am i good in? Yeah, right! I can draw and paint and although i'm insecure about it sometimes, deep in my heart i think that i am pretty good. Raise your hand if you think so too. ;-)
And here i am again at the point where i started this post with; how can i ask such dirty money for the pearls from my mind? But i can, even better, i dare to. But doubting, isn't it too much? People (friends, family) who like my art very much and wanna buy a drawing. I asked 125,= euro's for a drawing. But that's too much. I know it's a lot of money, but i think it's worth it. Every single drawing is unique. And yeah, i know, i'm not famous, i am not a Picasso either, if i was, you had to pay even more darling. Haha. I'm a bit joking about it, but it's difficult. Why is that, that people find it difficult to pay for original art (from an unknown artist)? Also: why do people call artists who don't wanna sell their work upright, as if artists who do sell don't have any integrity? But perhaps i put this too black & white. There's also grey. But this is what i experienced. There has to be a middle way.....

Then i saw on Ebay an artist (whoms work i love very much! > KEEMO) whois selling his art overthere. He's also selling his original work on auction. And i find that a great idea. This makes your art available for many people and they can define their own price they wanna pay. And it keeps me from worrying if my prices are too high, lol.
Also: i think it's more satisfying to have my art in homes where people can watch it and feel joy about it, than that my art is here safe in a drawer. I love all my work, but a drawer is a drawer. And i would be glad to give all my art away for free, i am not a gold digger, but there is the rent again and kids who want to eat.

To make a long story short: you now can bid on Ebay to make an original MOMO LUNA S!gnals drawing yours; Le samoerai.
It's there for 10 days and the last bidder can call him/herself the owner of this drawing. In the future there will be more drawings for auction. I also will auction some drawings on the dutch Ebay where you can bid in euros.
What do you think? Am i loosing my integrity now for you? Do you think i am selling my soul? I am kidding, but not entirely. I really am interested in your opinion.

Then there is the old trading way i also find nice. Do you wanna trade your cow for 1000 of my apples? I have some trading items for you. Old postcards that i edited into a real Momo Luna item. More of these items also in the future. I upload an item and if you wanna trade it with something of your art, poem or other little pearls let me know in a comment. The first one who comment and offer a fair trade is the one i trade with. So here are three trade items, please let me know if you wanna trade. These are old postcards i edited:

(finds her new home at Ria's, just great!)

(is on his way to William, that makes me happy.)

(I'm very pleased to exchange this blue lady with a pearl from Yvette. )

Tell me what you think, it interests me.


William Michaelian said...

My short answer is No, of course you are not selling your soul. My long answer, which explains why I feel this way, is here.

Momo Luna said...

Thank you dear William for your inspiring answer. I left a comment under your long answer. :-)

Elisabeth said...

Of course you must sell your work, Momo. There is nothing wrong with being paid for your craft, and as you say what better way than through ebay.

Go for it, earn millions of you can. Not just for your children but for yourself.

whitney-anne said...

once upon a time artists were seen as artisans/workmen and their work was only commissioned by wealthy patrons like the Medicis.
The idea that money is bad for art is a modern idea and a pretty screwy one at that. Its a question of value, we SHOULD put a value on what we do. Anyway think how much people spend on stupid stuff they don't need. A work of art goes on for ever and feeds the soul.

Rachel said...

Liebste Monica,

ich schließe mich ganz William ein!
Mehr muss man dazu nicht schreiben ...

Ich bewundere dich für deine Ehrlichkeit, deine Überlegungen, die du mit uns teilst ...

Herzlichst, Rachel

William Michaelian said...

Wonderful comments — here, and after my “long answer.”

Momo Luna, I love your new slide show....

And if you are interested, I would be honored to trade one of my books for your beautiful “The Torch.”

You can choose between my book of poems, Another Song I Know, and my book of stories, No Time to Cut My Hair.

Eva said...

I think it is interesting that if you have a talent, such as making music or laying bricks it is expected for you to make money from your ability. The same goes for art. If you are true to yourself that's all that counts. I made my living as an artist for many years and the only time I felt bad about it was when I did a commission that I was not proud of.

Louis Vuittonet said...

yes i have to pay rent also. so i also sell on ebay . Go For It

Momo Luna said...

Thank you Elisabeth for your nice words. Millions would be too much haha, but then i could share it with others. :-) And you're right not only for my children also for myself. If i can make another person happy with my work than i'm happy also.

Thank you Whitney Anne for your constructive comment. Two weeks ago or something like that someone who was interested in my drawings almost gave me the feeling that i should be ashamed for what i dared to ask for my drawing. That was rather confronting and confusing as well. And i agree with you, art feeds the soul. Thank you. :-)

Danke liebe Rachel,
you always bring sweetness in blogland.
Hugs for you!

Ha William,
yes i am very happy with all those wonderful comments. And your 'long' answer was perfect and heartens me.
What a great trade, now i'm happy like a child. I would love to choose your book of stories: No time to cut my hair. I so love the title already. So the torch is yours and i'll send it to you tomorrow. I have your adress already, if you want mine, please send me a mail.
Haha, i am happy!

Thank you Eva, yes that's what counts, to stay true to yourself and to be truthful to others. :-)

Thank you Louis, and now i am going to search you on Ebay. :-) Because i love your art, wanna trade something? A little pearl you have somewhere? But there will be more trading items soon, perhaps.... who knows. :-D

Sweet greetz to you all and thank you for commenting.

Caio Fernandes said...

i think you would get a good money for the "Wild Lady" .
art must to circulate . and it is even better when circulate with some profite on it . nobody loses , everybody wins . simple like that .
Maybe you had a chatolic education like i had teaching that profit is wrong and money is a durty thing .
i am sorry , but the chatolics and the socialists are wrong .
God wants you living in prosperity , happy and in peace .
make your money and be happy . take what is yours . you deserve , your family deserves . and the art buyers deserves too , because they're going to love to go home with your work in hands !!

Momo Luna said...

Haha, thank you Caio for your stormy comment. That's what i love so much about you.
The wild lady is for free, i want a little mind pearl from he or she who wants to give her a home. She won't bite! ;-)
Do i make a drama? Rolls her eyes, stamps her feet, i am not a drama queen, i am NOT! Haha, couldn't resist it, sorry.
But i know you're right. And you sure are right about my catholic education. Although i am not going to church anymore, you cannot shake it of that easy. Can't you tell, all those angels, demons, sinners and saints in my work. And yes, i agree both catholics and socialists are wrong.

Thanks dear friend for your Caio comment. No matter what, you inspire......


ria said...

Hi Monica, I would LOVE to do a trading deal for the Wild Lady! Is she still available for trades?
let me know! xoxo-

yvette said...

het is het moeilijkste stukje van het kunstenaar zijn...hoefde je het maar niet zelf te doen...ik heb ook heel veel weggeven omdat die persoon het nodig had.
Wil je je blauwe postcard voor iets dat je op mijn blog gezien hebt en het er nog is, ruilen?

ria said...

Yabadabadooooo! I'll send an email to exchange addresses!
In my excitement, I forgot to comment on the, for me too, tough issue of artworks&market. I haven't had the guts to go on EBay (yet) myself... I think the pieces of our (he)art-as a friend called them-are priceless in the sense that they are precious, valuable and/because emotionally charged and I find it hard to put a price on them, but I will look around at other artists and compare and weigh ... You're not selling your soul Monica, you're allowing 'clients' to enjoy and savor your works in their own homes ... I'll say collections ... There! :)

Momo Luna said...

Ha lieve Yvette,
ja het is het moeilijkste stukje om te doen inderdaad. Tegelijkertijd hebben we in deze tijd heel veel mogelijkheden om zelf je marketing te doen. Ik gaf vaak tekeningen weg omdat iemand er dan heel erg weg van is maar geen geld heeft. Als iemand er zó weg van is dan geef ik het ook met liefde weg eigenlijk. :-)

Ik zou vereerd zijn als je Blue zou willen ruilen voor iets van je blog. Ik durf alleen niet zelf iets uit te kiezen haha, wil niet hebberig overkomen. Maar The power of silence of Fake it till you break spraken me zeer aan. Als je zoiets nog hebt, heel graag! Maar ik vind alles heel erg mooi wat je maakt, dus je maakt me sowieso blij. :-) We moeten even in een mailtje onze adressen uitwisselen.
Ha, wat is dit leuk zeg!

Dear Ria,
you got mail back. :-) What i like about Ebay is the fact that you also can do an auction and perhaps that makes it easier for people to buy something from you. Besides, the fact that in this way, almost everybody can allow himself to buy some art. But it also ask some patience, because in the beginning there will be no biddings or very little.
But yes, the pieces of our (he)art (beutiful) or the pearls from our mind as i call it, are like your children and how can you put a price on something precious. So it's a mixed feeling for me. :-) A piece that is very, very close to my heart i won't sell, or i won't put that in auction.
I like it how Caio describes it: PEOPLE ARENT MAKING YOU ANY FAVOR BUYING YOUR WORK . they have luck for geting a Luna....
And that's also how you see it: you're allowing 'clients' to enjoy and savor your works in their own homes ... I'll say collections ... Thank you, yes that's indeed how we artists must see it, and give it a place in our mind/heart.

A hug for you and you make me smile because of your enthusiasm.

joanne May said...

Hello Momo Luna,
Thank you for your visit from Caio's blog and sorry for the delay in catching up with you.
I love your work, like so many others do and I cannot believe you do not have an online shop like Etsy, selling postcards, limited prints and original works. Ebay is also a good idea.
I feel buying and selling artwork is a mutual exchange of good energy, so there is nothing at all wrong with selling your work.
I am going to sell some new limited prints soon in my shop, so if I can do it so can you!:)
By the way it is a nice feeling to sell something you have created and knowing it is going to be enjoyed by other people.:)
Best wishes.

Momo Luna said...

Hi Joanne and welcome :-)

I have an account on Etsy but i cannot sell because you need a creditcard, i haven't one. I have a valid bankaccount but somehow then you cannot sell your art on Etsy. But yes, now i try Ebay. And there i also will sell cards and prints in the future.

Yes, i always am very happy when others find joy in my work.
Thanks for your comment. x, Momo Luna