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Young @ heart

The post of Caio about his music influences was great. His 'getting older' in the title and his writing about The Ramones did me think about the Ramones cover by the Young @ heart choir. A great choir of elder people singing songs from Nirvana, the Clash and the Ramones. The movie about this choir was big fun and moving as well. These people shows us that you still can be alive and kicking when over 70 years of age.
So i uploaded this trailer of the movie, it's such fun, i hope you enjoy it. And if you wanna hear them sing the Ramones song i wanna be sedated, click here.


Caio Fernandes said...

i loved to see this .
and no , i didn't know this movie !!
now i have to see it .
thank you dear Monica !for all!!
see you !!

simoart said...

This is a great movie trailer, thanks for showing to me, I will try to see the movie.

D*fusion said...

I enjoyed the visit, I really like the little screen with your artwork on the top of your blog. It is wonderful to see that your art=your life. Wonderful work.

Elisabeth said...

What a wonderful trailer, Momo. I love to see our expectations of people based on age or handicap or gender or whatever, thrown on their heads.

Momo Luna said...

Ha! and now i'm pleased Caio for showing you something connected with the Ramones you didn't know. I can recomendate (is this a right word?) you the movie very much! Great in al ways: touching with lots of humour and lust for life. Your welcome dear friend and i thank you also for who you are and being a friend.

The movie is even better Simoart, it's fun to see.

Hello D*fusion and welcome. Thank you for your nice comment and i hope i can welcome you here more often.

Yes, i love that too Elisabeth. I work in a caring home for elderly people who are ill and watched the movie with them. The people i watched it with were 70+ so it was a gamble, because of the music. But they loved the movie a lot and all of them had a huge smile on their face at the end of the movie.