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Another try

A while ago i had a post about a little movie i made from my drawing Black bird. There were little comments but i find out this had to do with the adjustments, i had injusted the video on private. I have changed this, so i hope you now can watch the video. Please let me know if you can or cannot watch the movie. It isn't a perfect movie, but i had much fun making it and appreciate your thoughts about it.
So a new try, here it is: Black birds.


Inkpunk Artworks said...

Yes, I was able to watch it this time. Dark, erotic, haunting, beautiful, disturbing. The music fits perfectly!

Reminds me of a mix between Bosch and Joe Coleman, but it is uniquely you! I love it!


Manon Doyle said...

Wow! That was very cool and I'm with Inkpunk.... I love the music you chose to go with it!!

Caio Fernandes said...

wow !!! this is huge Luna !!
so many details .... is doferent when the view ( me ) let you take by the hand and see every side of every character ...........
cool soundtrack too .

even so i just saw the forst 5.15 minutes of the video , i came at the same time you had posted , just 2 minutes later , and now , almost 50 minutes later i was just able to download 5 minutes of it .
sorry .

jbkrost said...

its a visual orgy.......
I remember the original I didnt know where to look, now the film focus's on one area and I want to look somewhere else!

Elisabeth said...

Wow. This is powerful, Momo.

Haunting and riveting. You have a huge talent for images that hark back to the past and claw their way into the future. The music works well too.

Brilliant. And thanks.

whitney-anne said...

weird and strange and very clever Momo!!

Rachel said...

Liebste Monica,

ich konnte es sehen, und es ist großes Kino!
So viele Details, selbst die Muskeln im Oberschenkeln, Brüste so grad über dem Rand des Kleides, ach einfach sooo viel Wundervolles ...

Und die Musik dazu, für mich hätte es Stunden so weiter gehen können ...

ich drück dich lieb, Rachel

Momo Luna said...

Dear Brian,
i am happy you were able to see it this time. I love the mix you mention. :-)
And that you love it, makes me even more happy.
It's fun to make this video so in the future more videos from other drawings.....

Thank you Manon, The music is a soundscape i made myself.

Hi there Caio,
i'm glad you were able to see it, though it was only 5 minutes. But you don't have to download it, just click the ON button. Or am i now a technical dummie? lol I'm sorry it took you 50 minutes to download it anyway.
The soundtrack i made myself, i edited the 9th symphony of Beethoven ---> slowed it down a lot,that was the basic line, then mixed it with samples of music i love, noises from the television in my livingroom, some streetnoises (slowed down)....

Hi JB,
tnx, your enthusiastic comment makes me smile. In future more videos from 'crowded' drawings. And soon there will be a silkscreen printing of this drawing (limited edition) that you can buy in my shop.

Hi dear Elisabeth,
thank you for your lovely comment. I like how you say it: images that hark back to the past and claw their way into the future And it's true, i love to use icons from the past mixed with modern items. Basic elements are emotions which ofcourse are timeless.

Thank you Whitney-Anne. Weird and strange, yeah that sounds like me. ;-)

Liebe Rachel,
i am so happy you like it. I found it fun to film all the details from this drawing, because on a photograph it doesn't show quite well. You should see it in real.

If i have an exhibition (some day, soon i hope) i'll make a tape with this kind of soundscape that play for hours. :-D
Hugs and xxx

William Michaelian said...

Wonderful! I just posted a link to this entry on my Facebook page.

Betty Manousos:cutand-dry.blogspot.com said...

OMG!! You are soo creative! So glad you found me so I had the chance to visit your blog.
Thanks so much for the follow!
Gladly, I'm now following you back!:)
Have a great day!

Martine said...

Ja ik kon het bekijken en dat was heel erg de moeite waard.
wow, wat maak jij interessante kunst!
Als je het goed vindt kom ik vaker terug om te kijken, ik heb je in mijn feeds gezet.
O ja, ik vond je bij facebook, vriendjes?
Lieve groet

Lutje said...

bedankt voor je lieve reactie op mijn blog, hier ziet het er ook wel leuk uit.

Momo Luna said...

Hi William,
i saw thew link on your Facebook, thank you so much, i really appreciate it.

Hello Betty and welcome,
thank you for your enthusiastic comment. :-)
Have a wonderful week.

Hoi Martine,
dank je, fijn dat je mijn kunst de moeite waard vindt. Tuurlijk mag je vaker komen kijken, graag zelfs! Ik heb je nu ook in mijn What's up lijst gezet. En we zijn nu vriendjes op Facebook. ;-)
Lieve groet terug!

Hoi Lutje,
welkom, ja ik vond je blog heel vrolijk en leuk.

Liv Sørvaag said...

wow Momo luna !
!`m so Impressed over your drawing , so full of details !
What size is this one ?
amazing !

B. Liv

Annie said...

Dag Monica, ik kijk met veel bewondering naar jouw project. Het is echt leuk om al die verschillende wezens en hun wereld(en)te zien. Jouw fantasie lijkt onbegrensd. Chapeau!
De slide-show bovenaan je blog is ook tof om te bekijken. De muziek past er mooi bij. En je portret op facebook is ook fantastisch. Zo mooi! Ik kom me als vriendin aanmelden. Oké? En passant zal ik eens kijken of ik ook zo een widget van facebook op mijn blog kan plaatsen. Groetjes!

Momo Luna said...

Hi Liv, thank you.
It's a large drawing, the seize is: 89 x 60 cm 35.04" x 23.63".

Hoi Annie,
dank je wel voor je reactie. Mijn fantasie is inderdaad onbegrensd, dat klopt wel. :-D
Deze slideshow met overvloeiïng vond ik op het net en ik ben er heel blij mee.
Het lijkt me leuk om je als vriend op Facebook te hebben.
Groetjes terug!

SKIZO said...

Very interesting.
See you