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All that i have lost

Sometimes Most of the time i find it hard to explain the meaning of my drawings and paintings. The image develops while creating it. I don't make sketches etc. at first, i start drawing or painting and my thoughts and emotions of that moment lead my hand. Or so it seems. For paintings and the mixed media work i mostly have a topic in my head. Like the 'Blood on the floor' series. But i work very instinctively. Music and poetry are often triggers, i'm very inspired by it.
I felt sad and lonely on vacation and this is what appeared on paper, in the middle of the night, only the sound of the sea and the wind and me drawing.....


Karin Bartimole said...

that is the beauty of your work momo - it feels real and from your soul. there is a rawness that can't be created from preconceived thoughts. You bare your soul and pour out your emotions through color, form, and powerful imagery. I just love your work!! xox k

Caio Fernandes said...

It is so good that you can't explain your work...
what value would it have if you could explain that? Wouldn't be necessary to make then , you could only write a text explainting.
they aren't mere ilustratios of your ideas, they happen for real, real manifestations.

by the way... this one of this post is beautiful.

What kind of horrible world is thais where a lovely lady like you feel alone during the vacation ? It is the Frenchs fault, isn't it? They don't do anything right.
Listen, next vacation you are coming to my house, then you are going to return to your home complaing : Oh, that Caio didn't leave me alone one second, I am so exhausted of him!! leave me alone !!!

Bitch said...

Caio, what are you proposing to
Monika. Inspide that you Monika
felt lonely and sad at your holidays (these were your words)...
your paiting is strong as always!
I like your new colors on your blog.
At your next holidays go to beautiful Crete.
Greatings from Athens night!!
And have a great weekend.
Monika .

Denise Scaramai said...

Monika, it's strange to think of meanings at the time of creation;
I think your work as 'sincere'!
this one is divine ...

I feel that comes from you; the theme, lines, colors and beauty ...
and feel that they look at us and speak quietly why there ...
This is the beauty and magic of art
greetings and hugs ...

Two Tigers said...

You bring such beauty out of your sadness and loneliness, M, and then you have the courage and grace to share it with us -- this is a cause for joy, for all of us. I think a lot about where we get our ideas from, whether our true gift is not about conscious control but simply to be open and let things pass through us and be transformed - or does the creating of art transform us? Continue to submit to your muse, M - she is a strange and beautiful creature and I love everything you and she have given us! Warm hugs, my dear.

Willy. said...

When all is lost!You can only win..
Keep on creating.

Inkpunk Artworks said...


It upsets me to hear that you were/are sad and lonely. You are a beautiful person and deserve happiness and friendship, always.

You work always seems to reflect what your soul is saying at any given time, no need to analyize it, just let it happen. Usually, the message appears much later on.

I wish you nothing but peace, my friend.

Take good care of yourself,

ALeks said...

I wish you to come out of this period with more love in yourself to make your soul stronger in another tough period! What we feel,even the saddest sadness is there to be felt and dealt with,not to be showed under the rugs or ignored,it has an important function in our life's,if you do not feel that you can not recognize or feel intensely the true happiness when its around! Imagine a deep,dark-green lake and you are swimming in,when you feel like drowning let yourself go to the bottom of this imaginary lake,while you are diving take a look around you,it is a lake of your existence and when you feel the bottom under your feet make a strong pushing movement up! The sweet air that you will breath in again will lift you out of the lake,and there we are,on the shore,waiting to hear your beautiful stories and look how it is unfolding in a front of our eyes! Come,lets do this together,will you? :)
Love and hugs from me!

ALeks said...

Oh,and I forgot to mention before,when you are on different places with rich history,the very ground you walk on,sit or lay on can speak to you.If you are sensitive person what I think you are than you might feel strange kind of sadness in some places,people lived or killed on that very spot could be telling you their stories. Love and hugs and million kisses bella! :O)

joanne May said...
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joanne May said...

Dear Monica,
I'm very sorry to hear you are going through a heavy time at the moment, but the intensity of your emotions is creating some amazing work!
I went through a similar experience as you when I lived in New Zealand.
I was very homesick and lonely. In the end I just threw myself into my work as a way of coping and healing.
Sending you much love and peace.
Jo. xx

jbkrost said...

this is a wonderful series!!
seems the time away from the everyday, has been good for your work.
apperciate your wellwishing on my page.

Harnett-Hargrove said...

Your process seems to serve you well, and your instincts are sharp. Well done. -J

Anonymous said...

this is beautiful.. very deep..the pain is visible. and nice to read how it came about..although not nice that you felt sad and lonely {{hugs}}

it's funny though isnt' it that those moments bring on creative urges in us..

warm wishes to you...
sue x

SKIZO said...


Momo Luna said...

First of all i wanna thank everybody for the sweet comments! I wasn't very communicative lately but i appreciate it a lot. The dark clouds above me are slowely turning into soft fluffy clouds.

Dear Karin,
i wouldn't know how to draw or paint when it's not coming from my soul.
I love your work a lot too. Also coming from a beautiful soul --> you. :-)

I so agree with you Caio, my friend. I don't believe in explaining my work. People can follow their own feelings about my work when looking at it. And they're all right about what it (can) mean. In fact i love all those different visions. And sometimes i'm amazed which is good.
Haha it wasn't the fault of the French feeling lonely my dear. Although the French people aren't the most open and inviting kind of people what i've experienced (no offence) But you know now why.... xoxo
Wow! If i had the money i for sure would visit your home. And then i take my little men with me, guess who would be exhausted then? ;-)
But it would be so great meeting you for real, who knows.....

Momo Luna said...

Dear Monika,
thank you for your lovely comment. I'm happy you also respond on the new look of my blog. i like to change it once in awhile. As autumns is here i'll change it again. ;-)
I would love to visit Greece one day if i have enough money. But i'm glad i can dream along seeing your beautiful photo's.
Enjoy your weekend and sweet greetz from another Monica.

Sweet Denise,
yeah you're so right. I think a lot while creating but not about the meaning of it all. Sometimes i understand the meaning much later. I'm happy to know you find my work sincere. I love it how you write about my work quietly speaking.
A big hug and xoxo for you.

Momo Luna said...

Hello Gabriela, my new friend.
i think i have the courage to share this also with you because as i have finished the drawing i can let it go. And the layers in my work make sure my soul is not bare-naked. I think.
I love your question: the artist transforming his emotions into art, or the creating transforming us.....
Probably both i think.
I cherish my muse Gabriela, tnx for your lovely words and the warm hugs.
I'm sending you hugs and xoxo as well!

That's so true Willy and i already feel that now. I keep creating, simply cannot stop. :-)

Momo Luna said...

Dear Brian, my sweet friend,

don't be upset, this all has a reason. Feeling lonely and sad was painful but also kind of sweet. A bitter sweetness. And it helped me to make descisions and to move one (instead of walking circles)
Yes you're more than right; the message often appears later on.
I'm so happy with you friendship Brian and i'm even happier to read how busy you are, but good busy. All those great challenges. You will manage and you deserve them a lot!

Momo Luna said...

Sweet ALeks,
that will happen for sure. I have survived even much darker periods and i know experiencing this all has a reason.
Thank you for the lake sweetheart, i love this very much! I hope you're on the shore now breathing in fresh air....

I know how historical, rich places can speak to you. I often experience that, i'm very sensitive for it. But Bretagne spoke joyful to me and didn't make me sad. Bretagne itself made me very happy. :-D

Tnx for your sweet words and all the hugs and kisses, that makes me smile.
<3 and lots of kisses as well flying your direction.....

Momo Luna said...

Dear Joanne,
heavy times are now solving and i'm feeling better already. It's also a part of life and knowing that it comes and goes like the waves of the sea helps me a lot. I'm trying to float instead of swimming against the flood, althought it's difficult not to swim sometimes.
I appreciate your love and peace greetings very, very much. Thank you dear one.

Hi JB, thank you so very much and i must say i also am very contented with this series. A lot!
Sweet greetz coming your way!

Thank you so much Jayne!

Hello Sue,
i'm not sure if i welcomed you already, so welcome to you. :-) nice sending your comment. Yes that urge on heavy times is funny and i also am amazed about the strength of it. But i'm happy to feel it, so i can all let it out and let go....
Sweet greetz and xoxo

Thank you Skizo and nice seeing you here..... :-)

ALeks said...

He,ik ben blij dat je weer post!!
Ik hou van je muziek keuze ook!
Liefs van mij! :0)

Steppenwolf said...

It looks like the dissection of a soul. It's painful and sad.

Momo Luna said...

Hoi lieve ALeks,
ja het is mij ook opgevallen dat we (min of meer) dezelfde muzieksmaak hebben en ook qua kunst (dans bijvoorbeeld), kunstenaars en schrijvers. :-)

Momo Luna said...

Yes Steppenwolf,
that's exactly what it is, how i felt at that time. But i hope you also can see her trust next to her sadness. :-)

Dean Grey said...

Momo Luna!

What a striking piece!

It looks rather disturbing yet that's what's drawing me to it.

Don't worry about finding a meaning for your work from the start. That will come to you as you create the painting.

I think you're doing everything right!


Momo Luna said...

Hi Dean,
i'm always intruiged by people who finds (some of) my art disturbing. Mostly i think that my images are too sweet and could use some balls haha. But then again, this is my language and i learn to appreciate it.

I think you're doing everything right! Tnx for making my day. :-D