The mysterious world of MONICA CROESE


Warm feelings in winter and a bit of delicious, scary excitement.

Again such a lot to tell, where shall i begin? First of all, i already had spring in my thoughts and feelings but King Winter woke me up. Finally we have a winter and today it's snowing again. I am happy it's a good winter, not wet and blubbering, but clear, dry air, sometimes sunshine and because the waether is clear it's also very cold. When sitting behind my table, drawing, i can watch the snow falling and spotting all kind of birds in the garden and the old, big tree standing behind our house. Which reminds me to finally upload a photo of my working place.


Twelve o'clock, midday
Afternoon, after snowing all day long.


I am on RedBubble for quite awhile, but i didn't do anything with it. Until now. You can buy there cards and prints of my work. To support me and at the same time you will have a beautiful Momo Luna Signal. Ofcourse i ordered some cards myself, to check the quality of it and i must say the cards are beyond my expectations. They were larger than i thought, the image is bright and sharp, the cards are really very beautiful. Click on the Cards & prints diashow on the right and you enter my page.
 I also found Harry Kent on RedBubble that made me very happy because i love his art very much. I also ordered some cards of him. Again very great quality.  I think we should send each other cards more often. Not only with Christmas or a birthday, but to let someone know you care. A real card is much nicer than an email right? So take a look at RedBubble, there are lots of great artists with wonderful cards and prints.

For all the nice support and friendship i'm going to send my loyal blogfriends a little package. To thank you for that. I also received this week a package myself from my blogfriend Renilde. I love her art a lot. I love the fairytales she spins and the beautiful blues she uses on her palette. A special Renilde blue. :-) Thank you so much sweet Renilde for your beautiful gift, i am very happy with it!!!! Very much so.

Beautiful art by Renilde, i'm very happy with her lovely gift.

The wonderful cards of Haryy Kent, available on RedBubble.

And last but certainly not least: in March i will be participating in a group exhibition. The topic of this exhibition is:  Sex without joy, or unfulfilling sexual experiences. The curator asked me if i had something fitting this theme so I sended a mail with a suggestion of three drawings of mine. Unfortunately i was a bit late and there were already enough contributors. Typical me. But the curator likes my art, so she was going to check if i can have some space afterall. And she made it possible. I am so happy, excited and a bit scared haha. Because there are some well known artists on this exhibition. So i have to try not to get intimidated and to feel trust in myself. But this tiny bit of anxiety gives me butterflies, like the fear you have in a rollercoaster, you are scared and at the same time you have so much fun.  Soon more information about the exhibition.
The three drawings for this exhibition:   

Tenderness is weakness
Do you see who i am?

F*ck me doll - I dare you!

And to make this cold winterday even warmer and more perfect: i ordered an agenda with great photographs of Crissant. It arrived today and it's even more beautiful than i could imagine. If you wanna support this lovely lady check out her Blurb here.  I wish you all a perfect weekend!

Great agenda from Crissant.


Caio Fern said...

wow, wonderful post about everything,
I loved the photos of the landscape.

and nice gifts ;)

by the way. it is always good to have a pic on your face.
you should show it more times.

Momo Luna said...

My dear dear friend,

i always think i'm not looking good on photo's haha. I suppose my package didn't arrive yet, let's say it made someone else happy. But this weekend i'm making a new package and monday i will post it to you, this time with special security.

nouvelles couleurs - vienna atelier said...

wow such a beautifull post Monica! Love your fotos! It is so nice to see that blogs world is more than a cold relationsship, it is more...

I feel like home

Denise Scaramai said...

oh! I love these three beautiful pieces for group exhibition!
and about cards ...
they get a lot of the magic of the personal touch!
what a beautiful scenery from your window ...
whispers in the snow ... :)

Whitney-Anne Baker said...

Good for you - glad to hear all this news. You know, about the exhibition, make like a swan, glide serenely along on the surface but paddle like mad underneath - you'll be cool I know it!! So nice to see where other artists do their work, thanks for sharing that.

Martine said...

Monica i'm so happy to see/meet you here and your beautiful art. You look warm even in wintertime.
Heel veel liefs.........

Harry Kent said...

Looks like a Breugel out there!

Thanks for showing my cards, you woman of mystery!

And of course i couldn't resist your cards either! Can't wait for them to arrive!

Keep warm.


Momo Luna said...

Hi dear Laura,
that's so nice of you. I'm happy my place feels like home. And yes, it's so wonderful to have warm feelings for friends all over the world even though you haven't met them in real life. You feel like home too my friend.

Momo Luna said...

Ahhh i like that Denise: whispers in the snow. Today there is even more snow and minus 17 degrees Celcius.
I'm so excited about the group exhibition.
Tnx for commenting, i always appreciate your wonderful support.

Momo Luna said...

Dear Whitney, i like that story of the swan, gives me a smile. Also because i can see in my imagination the swan paddling like crazy haha.
Yes, i think i never had shared my working place and i love to see that on others blogs as well.
Thinking about you, about all my blogfriends will make me feel cool for sure. Thank you for your support!!!

Momo Luna said...

That is so sweet of you to say Martine. You are a warmhearted person yourself also. Good to see you here and to read your sweet comment.

Momo Luna said...

Ha Harry, yes Breughel has lots of beautiful winterlandscapes. Tnx for the reminder which inspires me to make some photo's about skating people tomorrow. Too bad there isn't a mill in my close environment.
Thanks for your support and friendship, happy to know there are some cards of me in your home soon.

Sweet greetz and if it's hot down under, stay cool!

Bitch said...

Dear Monica..
Your three ladies for the group exhibition are sexy and daring..
and of course the special Momo-red!

This is a wonderful post and you mention some of your artist friends..
which is always good for us, too let us know about people we haven't met

Thank you for your comment on my blog!!
I appreciate it always!!!

bondearte said...

Estas imagens são incriveis,
Eu gostei muito elas são impactantes!!!!!!
Boa semana


Habe heute mal wieder deine Musik zwei Stunden lang gehört. Das ist immer wieder ein Genuß weil ich eigentlich nichts kenne.

Two Tigers said...

All this trading of work between artists so far away makes me smile! We are all connected! I am happy to have original Momo Luna on my walls - and yes, with your signature red! Just as Renilde has her signature blue! And isn't Crissant's agenda amazing? It makes me happy to have her work come with me through the year hand in hand like a friend.

So much news you have! I will be sure to visit RedBubble soon. I love seeing the view from your windows - Harry is right, just like a painting! And last but not least, congratulations on the exhibit - the curator has good taste and good sense to make room for your fierce ladies!

Much love to you, dear friend.

Crissant said...

Dear Momo,
Lovely to see all those gifts.
So sweet to see how you support your friends. I feel myself blessed for it.
My words are not enough to show my gratitude.
Send you all my love.

renilde said...

Hello Monica, the view from your working space looks beautiful, i need a view too when i'm working, a wall wouldn't do it for me.

Your 3 works are good (and yes!! do have trust!) they do speak and need to be seen by others. Clever curator!

Thanks for the Red bubble tip, have to take a look .
Thank yo again for 'Hope', love xx

Nevine said...

Dearest Monica,

I love the three illustrations for the exhibition, and I remember seeing them before. I still find them hauntingly gentle beneath the surface.

It's so refreshing to have happy events and goings-on to talk about, isn't it? I raise a glass to you, Monica. Here's to current and future successes. And here's to that lovely spirit that sits with us as we draw, color, write, or simply "be."

Warm hugs,

Voodoo Dolly said...

Hi Momo Luna, thank you very much for your kind words, I'm happy that you continue to apreciate my works! :) Your paintings are always so astonishing...

Cheers! :)


Tous tes travaux présentés sur fond de paysage enneigé sont magnifiques.
J'aime bien aussi la façon dont tu parles des autres avec un cœur " grand comme ça". C'est tellement si rare.
Belle fin de journée.
Avec mon amitié que je t'envoie de France
à bientôt,


Harry Kent said...

Your cards have arrived and they are won-der-fulll!!!. Redbubble has done a great job printing them too. They are now on the bookshelf in my study where i can see them daily. Thanks so much, Monica.

Momo Luna said...

To all of you, so sorry for the late response......

Dear Monika,
it's always a joy to read your nice comments.
I find it great to share experiences and to point out artists i admire. :-) It;s also great to discover new artists and their worlds right?
Tnx for your comment and your always supporting friendship.

Thank you very much Bondearte i really appreciate your comment. And i wish you also another boa semana!

Hello J:urgen,
haha i love it you like the music, that's why i have it on my blog. Also to let people hear some music they didn't hear before. I love music a lot and i also find it wonderful to hear some new music.
I also have music on while drawing or painting. The music i play on my blog: i have it all on record or cd. And many of the artists i also have seen perform. :-)
Glad you enjoy my choice of music.....

Momo Luna said...

Yes, dear Gabriella,
that's why i love blogging so much. We seem to be one big family. I am so happy to have your wonderful book with poems and to have more wonderful gifts and trades from friend artists i know thru Blogger.
I LOVE Renilde's blue, and yes the agenda from Crissant is great.

It's wonderful to have a working place with a nice view. And in summer when all is green i can;t see the houses on the other side, that's even nicer.
You can read it in my new post: my work is collected. i'm very exhited about the exhibition and a bit scared as well haha, but in a good way. Like being in a rollercoaster or watching a scary movie.

Have a great week, love and kisses!

Dear Crissant,
i feel blessed with you as a friend. You and all my bloggerfriends give me the strength to show my art and to have trust to approach gallery owners.
Much love for you!

Dear Renilde,
no a working space with only walls would depress me for sure. I need the light from the windows, to daydream while watching the birds and in summer the butterflies.Thank you for your support and yes i do have trust. Like Whitney wrote:
i glide serenely along on the surface but paddle like mad underneath, just like a swan. I love this haha.
RedBubble is great, although for us europeans perhaps a bit expensive if you only wanna buy one or two cards, and it take awhile when it ariives at your home, BUT the quality is very, very good!! As Harry also has seen, see his comment.

I am very happy Hope is in your home sweet friend.

Momo Luna said...

Hi Nevine,

so good to read your lovely comment. Yes it;s wonderful to talk about happy things, sharing them with my friends.
My lovely muse sometimes hide herself, or rebels against me, but all muses do that i guess, it's good to know she is always at my side, no matter what.

I raise a glass to you Nevine, grateful for your support.
Hugs and kisses!

Hi Voodoo Dolly,
i always checked if you were back again, and i am happy you are. Yes, i still love your art.
Good to see you here.
Sweet greetz for you!

Hello Roger,

tnx for your comment, i appreciate it always. You are too kind.
I often visit France in my holidays, your country is so beautiful. But this year i won't make it i;m afraid. Empty wallet LOL. But Les Ardennes Belgique are also beautiful....

Sweet greetz for you.

Momo Luna said...

Hello Harry,
BIG smile overhere reading your comment. As i also wrote to Renilde, it takes awhile but when the cards (or prints) arrive you are amazed by the quality.
I love it to know that you can see them daily. As i can see your wonderful art daily. :-) My eldest son Chris loves your art also. He looks at it again and again.