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Ready to go

This morning my work for the upcoming exhibition is collected, they were ready to go. I am really excited, trying not to be intimidated, because many of the participants are well known artists, selling their art all over the world. One of the pieces for this exposition has to be sold for 23.000 euros. Gosh, and then there is my work:  small, intimate and leaving an intense feeling i hope. The good thing about these welknown artists is the fact that there will be visitors who wouldn't come for an exhibition with only my name. Not well known (yet). ;-)
I noticed that art has to be BIG these days, BIG seizes, overwhelming techniques. I also see this on the internet: students from art schools with art that intimidate at first sight. Wow! i think, great art, overwhelming and so very clean and strict. I mean the look of it. Clean worlds, sometimes disturbing because of the perfection. That's what i think. It overwhelms me but then.... there it is, i take a closer look, still admiring the perfection of it all. There it is, in all its glory, intimidating perfection and it doesn't move me. It doesn't reach my heart and soul. Oh yeah. it keeps me thinking also. Should i make larger drawings? Flawless drawings? Drawing larger formats is tempting me, because of the challenge. Not because it looks better in a museum (?), trying to ahhhh and oooooh people. But i am also tempted to draw even smaller drawings, as a reaction. Wouldn't it be great: large paintings, installations, drawings everywhere and then a tiny tiny drawing of me. I would hang it a bit low, so people should go down, to take a better look. That's what i dream of right now......

And ofcourse of selling my drawings for enormous prices, so i can take a visit to my overseas artist friends all over the world. ;-)  I was very very busy, but will visit you all soon. Enjoy the rest of the weekend and i wish you a wonderful week full of dreams and challenges.


Martine said...

yes its the trend.......big, bigger, biggest.............
but you know screaming is not better than whispering.
Your work is so special. i'm sure people are going to love it.
wish you succes and lots of fun tomorrow and believe in yourself.....

K Howell said...

Life is never about perfection. Making Marks is just about communicating an idea that might resonate.
Wishing you every success!

Denise Scaramai said...

ah .. your drawings are great as well, because it was so that you conceived them! are sincere!
I think this is one of the attractions of a work, the truth.
I loved your idea of making these small dimensions, is very close!
The art always emerges, the pursuits and challenges ...
Long Live the Art! :)
have a great week of inspiration and searches!
hugs dear Monica

Patricia said...

Wishing you all the best with your wonderful work!

renilde said...

I wish you an exciting, inspiring exhibition Monica, your work is big in it's own way, it touches and graps me.
Thinking about all those things and playing with ideas can only be good, it may be translated in your work in your own way, without changing the soul and that is i guess evolution.

Brian Sylvester said...


I look forward to hearing how the exhibition turns out!

Stay true to yourself and follow your gut instinct when creating your art. If you want to go big, go big, but do it only because it's what you want to do, not as a reaction to other's work.

Wishing you well for the coming week. Please send us some of your snow!


Two Tigers said...

Monica - I love your small works - they whisper from far away, they beckon to come closer, and then when you are captivated they begin to breathe and expand and reveal their power and beauty. But they do not waste their breath on the kind of person who needs something BIG and OBVIOUS to get their attention. I am so happy these works will be seen by a new audience. Sending you much love, dear friend!

Caio Fern said...

I am really happy and exhited too...
this is great, and your work looks wonderful .
nothing to worry about .

I am here wishing you all the best and wishing more !!!!


nouvelles couleurs - vienna atelier said...

Congratulations Monica and all the best, the works are so powerfull

Gary L. Everest said...

Hi Monica,
Best wishes for the show. May fame and glory and all good things come from the exhibit.

Bitch said...

Dear Monica,
your work is true and strong..
Every piece is a hit in the stomach.
This is what it needs to wake up in this world!!!

Wish you all the best for the exhibition!!!!!!

Momo Luna said...

Dear Martine,
you are right, screaming is certainly not better than whispering. Whispering is more intruiging i think. You have to pay intention to find out what is going on.
And i say to myself: the curator finds my work good enough to be in this show, that helps. :-)

Hi K.,

everything perfect doesn't excist, even if it does look like it, it is not. Luckily not. Personally i love flaws, a line that isn't quite right, dissonant tones in a piece of music, a nose not so small.....
Yes, it is all about making marks and resonance, echoes, shadows.
Thanks for your comment and the wishing well.

Dear Denise,
yes telling the truth is the most important, i agree. But only if your heart and soul is in it as well. I saw a documentary about a dutch painter who was telling a very harsh, cruel truth. It has to be told he says. I agree and i understand what he's saying, but what troubled me in his art was that i didn't notice compassion from him.
Yes, these very small dimensions are still here in my mind, waiting to bloom. And they will bloom soon, i'm sure of that.

Momo Luna said...

Thank you very much Patricia!

Thank you dear Renilde,
yes it will be very exciting, i can't wait till it is there haha. I am so happy to know my art is touching you. That's all what i wish for, that my art touches the soul and tickles the mind. :-)
Evolution is exciting and scary also, but it's good.

Dear Brian,
yes ofcourse you shall hear from it. I am very curious how it will be.
I am myself no matter what, i don't know how to be not true to myself. Don't worry my friend, i can be intimidated, amazed, in awe with other art, but i only can create my own as i always do: with my heart and soul. On artschool it was not done to make figurative art at that time, but it didn't bother me, i do what i have to do.
Selling my drawings for enormous prices, was a joke, i know you understood that, but to make sure.... ;-)
I would gladly send you some snow, but all ice and snow has melted already. The spring is already in the air. Soft weather and a watery sun.

Momo Luna said...

Dear Gabriella,
Martine also talked about whispering, i love that a lot. Like the silent echoes i often mention. I love your nice words, how you write how my art needs time before it comes forward. i often experience that with viewers of my work. My youngest sister always love my work, but didn't notice it well so it seemed. Because when she had to choose one drawing (for her birthday) she looked more intense and felt the intensity and the magic for the first time for real and deep. :-)
Thanks for your love sweet friend, i'm sending you also my love.

Now i'm happy Caio,
not to worry as you write it, makes me confident. You would tell me otherwise also, if that was the case right? As a real friend you would, i know that.
Thank you my friend for your wishes and more.

Thank you sweet Laura, you are so kind...

Momo Luna said...

Hi Gary,
thank you for all good wishes. Fame and glory would be fun, but i seek recognition. :-) And good things will come from it, i am hoping for that.
Sweet greetz to you!

Sweet Monika,
your comment makes me smile. And at the exhibition i am feeling confident because of the support and friendship of you and all my dear blogfriends. You all are there too, in my heart. :-)

erin said...

monica, don't give us what we want! GIVE US WHAT WE NEED! and what we need might just be a kick in the pants. "But i am also tempted to draw even smaller drawings, as a reaction." yes, yes, yes! make it authentically you and 'cause us to gather closely and pay attention. don't allow us to be lazy for one moment!

good luck my friend! (it has been too long))) your work is gorgeous. it never causes laziness. it causes...it causes!


Dan Gliubizzi said...

Dear Monica, Thanks for visiting me today and leaving comments. I come to see your work often and I am usually without words..."nice work" rarely fits what you do. Maybe, "More, Bigger, Faster" but that sounds too sexually, or maybe that is OK too. It is always a joy! Thanks

Leni said...

;)) nice!

Whitney-Anne Baker said...

I could only say what the others have said . . . your work looks REAL and that is worht everything. You are an honest artist and that is immediately obvious. I'd back you over all the others anyday.

Momo Luna said...

Dear Erin,
in my art i never give what the viewer want, not deliberately i mean. And if i give something, no matter what, what the viewer needs, i am happy. I draw and paint for me in the first place and if my art makes other people happy or bring them comfort or even uneasiness that provokes thinking in different directions, that's great.
Thank you for your kind comment and support. I'm happy my art causes.....

Hello Dan,
don't worry, i know what you mean. Sometimes art or words or a poem leaves you without words. Everything you then wanna say sounds not good at all. I also often have that.
Tnx for commenting this time. I really appreciate it a lot!
Sweet greetz i send to you....

Thank you Leni! :-)

Thanks Whitney,
it's a joy to have you as a friend. And i must say: vice versa > i'd back you over also!

Harry Kent said...

How exciting! But trust me to arrive late.

Love the idea of having to stoop to look, of having to come up close and personal to see the drawing. A whisper can be louder than a shout - it all depends on what's being said.

And you whisper to us from your dreams. You spin lines and create dream-catchers with them. Comforting, troubling, sad, unearthly, so very human.

You deserve every success, Monica.

Momo Luna said...

Yes it's exciting Harry and i love this kind of excitement.
This idea of even smaller drawings is still bubbling in my head, so who knows what comes from it.
I read in a book for teaching children that you can catch their attention if you start whispering. I think that would be the same for adults.
I love what you say about my drawings. Very much so. Thank you.....

a hug for you!