The mysterious world of MONICA CROESE


I watch the sky

And i run and i run and i run........


nouvelles couleurs - vienna atelier said...

this work is so lovely ... the colours you used are telling a story for self

Anonymous said...

Good wishes to you for your upcoming art show. I know what you mean about the large scale art. I've tried stretching out but always come back to where I'm most comfortable. Within 11x14 space.

Martine said...

run girl, run................
luckily the earth is round!

Caio Fern said...

this is sweet, Monika.
it is you.

Momo Luna said...

Thank you sweet Laura!
Yes, lately this green appears in my work. It amazes me a bit because it is a strong color, but i love it at the moment. Maybe because of my longing for spring. :-)

Thank you Joni! I use different seizes, but all not very large. Although i have a view large drawings, with so much on it, that i dream of even larger drawings of these kind of worlds. That seems a challenge i wanna try soon.

Haha ja inderdaad Martine, je kan gewoon door blijven hollen....

Momo Luna said...

hi Caio, dear friend,

your comment makes me happy, because you're absolutely right!

Long ago i was on a market with my drawings and a man who was selling vegetables came to me and said that he has no understanding of art whatsoever, and maybe i think him strange, but it seemed to him that all my drawings were in fact me. And he liked them. I smiled at him and said he wasn't strange but that he was absolutely right. That was the finest comment on my work that day.

And this girl i drawed dear Caio is me, more than. I am happy you see this.

Monica said...

she holds treasures and hope.

Crina Prida said...

Hello Monica - I am so glad you stopped by my blog, gave me the chance to see yours, and heck - I ADORE it - it is so unbelievably beautiful - your illustrations simply blow me away! I am NOT a regular commentator, but will follow you on FB , bookmark this and be back.

Take care, Crina

Caio Fern said...

well... you drawed a beautiful girl ;)

Two Tigers said...

Monica this is beautiful - and I too like the new green - it has a freshness to it - it is a kind of innocence, or hope, or the renewal and openness of spring, but not too naive or silly-happy, there is also intelligence and wisdom and an edge to this color - I love how it balances and challenges your Momo red! Much love to you!

Bitch said...

Beautiful drawing..
There is innocence in the girls face!!

Maybe running is the only solution? ♥♥♥♥

jbkrost said...

Love that your showing!! give em hell, and break a brush....
Yep, your work is unique, big or small, it tells its own story, try a really large one and see how you like it.. If you don't send it to me!

Momo Luna said...

I like that Monica and i guess she is, all my work contains hope as well. Thank you!

Hello Crina,
nice meeting you. I am a regular visitor of your blog, but also not a regular commentator. Making me happy you like my art, thanks for commenting and the support.
Sweet greetz.

Thank you dear Caio. ;0)

Wow! Thank you dear Gabriella,
i love what you write about the green. :-) Your newest post make me sigh agaon, sigs of recognition and admiration of how beautiful you write and how i love your photo's. I haven't commented yet, because i don't wanna leave a short comment on your wonderful posts. But know i have read it.

Hi there sweet Monika,
sometimes it is i think. But you can't run all the time, for being exhausted.
Tomorrow i finally send you the promissed package. It took awhile, but i haven't forgotten you!

Hey JB,
so happy to see you here, leaving a comment. You always make me laugh. :-) I'll send you with pleasure a small one as well, trading a small piece of work????

jbkrost said...

I think a trade would be great!
I need to do a fresh one for you, let me know how you want to do this.

Momo Luna said...

Hi JB,
oh how wonderful! I am thrilled for soon having your great art in my home. And i was also thinking for making something new for you, because your art is very inspiring for me.
I'll drop you a message on FB.

Crissant said...

See...how easy to fall in love by it. It shines.
I feel really close to it.

Momo Luna said...

That makes me happy Crissant!