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Circles: i cannot stop these magical thoughts

The drawing Circles grows and is still growing. New updates.

I cannot stop these magical thoughts. You, driving circles around me. Please, don't hunt me down. I can't hear what you are saying. Please don't hunt, don't hurt me. I'm not ready for the pain. I am not. Where is my mind? I can't stop these thoughts. You, driving circles. You are the blood.......

IT GROWS............



I wish you all a wonderful, magical week! The words above are expressions. I used the cut up technique: special words from lyrics i listen to while drawing suddenly pop up and i recognize them, the feelings they express and i  use them in the drawing, creating a new story. Interpretations of feelings of myself during the years and of others i noticed. Just to make sure. Although a constant lack of money i am doing fine. And so are my beloved ones. Take care, take care of the ones around you.

read:    De aardbeibeet * Smultronbett by Barbara Voors
taste:    Delicious sweet hot coffee and strawberries
see:      Celtic wolves 
hear:     Into your dreams * Laurie Anderson
think: :  This job is for Jan!
feel:       Full of trust


renilde said...

oh Monica wat een fantastisch werk, al die details, ik kan blijven kijken en wordt mee overrompeld door allerlei gedachten.
En boven alles uit daar, het gelaat van de godin, heel rakend en mooi, mooi...ik hou van de manier waarop je haar voorhoofd hebt weergegeven, licht en koel een plaats om te rusten. De'click*got you' verrassend, en de muziek die ik ondertussen hoor brengt me helemaal in jouw wereld, een ervaring! xx

Caio Fern said...

very complex work.
be fine my dear.... kiss.

Whitney-Anne Baker said...

That is a very moody looking Goddess there but they can be like that can't they? Love the detail and the difference in scale.

camino roque said...

me encanta

nouvelles couleurs - vienna atelier said...

great works, really

Momo Luna said...

Dank je wel Renilde voor je lieve reactie. Ja, muziek is heel belangrijk voor me. Ik draai ook altijd muziek als ik teken en schilder. Dat brengt ook inspiratie en onverwachte figuren. En soms springt een zin van een song er boven uit en die schrijf ik vaak weer in de tekening. Ik hou van een wereld in een wereld in een wereld....

Momo Luna said...

Hi Caio, dear friend,
i am fine tnx and will be. And now reading your comment i feel even better. :-)
Kisses back!

Momo Luna said...

Hi dear Whitney,
yes Gods can also be moody and raged. Thats what i like to think. The duality, yiingyang, all what we also have in our souls....

Momo Luna said...

Thank you very much Camino!

Momo Luna said...

Hello Laura, thank you dearest.....

Monica said...

a raging moody goddess is necessary for us women ;)


lynne h said...

oh momo luna... this is fabulous... xoxo

illustration poetry said...

i love the Celtic wolves

Willy. said...

Tintarella di luna , this powerful "action painting" laat gevoelens vanuit het diepere bewustzijn tot leven komen!


Dave King said...

Words and signs have their own magic, of course, but you give them something extra.

Bitch said...

Your new goddess..
I can smell vengeance and blood..


Crissant said...

I can feel her strongness. Lovely work!
Love to you.

Victoria said...

Wow..always so powerful, enriching..your work is deeply beautiful in so many ways..taking me on many inner journeys and new insights unfolding..spectacular and fabulous..like you!!


Martine said...

Monica je blog ziet er helemaal normaal uit en je werk is buitengewoon mooi zoals altijd...........

renilde said...

alles ziet er hetzelfde uit op je blog maar deze laatste post vind ik hier niet terug, alleen onder men ' alle blogs', hoop dat het snel weer opgelost is, x

Aleksandra said...

Wonderful work dear Monica,gives me a genuine feeling of recognision,sometimes fine than not so fine its like life and death,both strong and universal in our universe. Imagination combined with crafts,great!
Hugs and warmest greetings and soor I was not around,needed to clear up some mess in my life! Xxx

Monica Croese said...

Hmmmm i did response on all comments and i cant find my comments, only the first ones. Strange.... :-(
Another try....

Hi Monica,
i understand what you say. As a reminder. Thank you for you comment. :-)

Hi Lynne,
thank you so much for your sweet comment.

Tnx Poetry,
they just popped up and i love them too. :-)

Dank je Willy,
mijn werk is altijd zeer gelaagd en ik ben blij dat je dat voelt en herkent.

Wow! Thank you Dave, your words make me happy and grateful.....

Hi Monika,
perhaps you're right, but only in thoughts she shed blood i hope.

Hi Crissant,
i'm happy you can feel it.
Love to you too! It's so nice to everyday seeing your wonderful photographs. :-)

Hi Victoria,
you make me blush from joy. That's what i try to do in my work. Bringing the ones who look at it to a inspiring journey, exploring my world and their inner world at the same time. If i can manage that i am a happy person.

Dank je Martine,
mijn blog ziet er op mijn computer gelukkig ook weer normaal uit, ik weet niet wat er mis was. Fijn dat je dit even aangeeft.

Hi Renilde, ik hoop dat jij nu ook alles weer normaal kunt zien?

Hi dear ALeksandra,
i am happy to see you here again. And don't worry, i do understand. We all sometimes aren't that much on the internet or not having the possibility to comment. I know the closest blogfriends always will pop up again, because were like a family right. And into each others heart. That feels great!
Love and kisses.....

Howard Koor said...

Oh my! Sensational!
Love your art!