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I pushed an empty babycarriage all over the city

This is a very old drawing, i think i drawed this around 1985. I don't know exactly why, but this quick drawing (a set up for a painting) is very dear to me. I didn't forget this one, but hadn't seen it for years. It was always in my heart. It did perish a bit but I like it even better with the damages and thinking about to put it this way behind glass. Is that strange? I haven't made a painting of it, perhaps this year, but on the other hand, i think it's good how it is now. The title: i pushed...... is from an Yoko Ono song.


William Michaelian said...

Beautiful. Whether you paint from it or not, it’s like a storybook treasure.

Momo Luna said...

Thank you William, i like it: a storybook treasure. And it was absolutely a treasure to find it back, touched by the years..... :-)

Jasmine said...

I love it. I think many women feel this at times, if not literally doing it. I would frame it, i have this feeling there is a bigger story than you have told :)

Ces said...

Your work is eclectic and I love your explosive colors and patterns.

aleph said...

strange quick sketch, it´s perfect as it is, I agree you should frame it. I feel a little pain in it.

Rachel said...

Meine liebe Monica,

ist es nicht herrlich, in alten Dingen zu kramen und solche Schätze zu finden?
Dann ist die Freude doppelt groß, weil die Erinnerungen in den Fordergrund gerückt werden..

ich drücke dich lieb, herzlich, Rachel

Heather said...

I agree, this is wonderful. So vibrant and intriguing!

eva said...

The way it's torn a bit around the edges is great, I think it's perfect the way it is and that you should frame it. Drawing is also art, it doesn't *have* to become a painting.

Louis Vuittonet said...

I love your work-it moves me

Momo Luna said...

There is a bigger story Jasmine. ;-) But painting and drawing my emotions is comforting, it makes it easier to let go if you have to let go. I think there are women who can relate to it yes. Thank you for your comment, i appreciate it.

Thank you very much Ces for your sweet comment.

You're right Aleph, there is some pain in it. Most of my drawings and paintings have some pain in it. But hope and love as well. :-) And i agree with you; it's perfect as it is. And even better with the little damages i think. So i won't make a painting of it.

Yes dear Rachel, it was such a joy and surprise to find my old work again. And to realize where i was then and where i am now.

Thank you Heather, nice to see you here, leaving a comment. :-)

You're so right Eva, i sure agree with you that drawing is an art too. Sometimes i make quick sketches, reminders for a painting. I was very content with this sketch and i suppose that's the reason why i never made a painting of it.

Thank you Louis for your nice comment, that makes me happy. Your art moves me also by the way. :-)

Dratski! said...

love it and the title from Yoko - sounds like something from her book Grapefruit which I adored in high school